I know, i know, i said i would start a journal...well...i lied, sue me. (no not really since im broke in money and dont wanna go to jail). But i just didnt have time to post in this thing for many reasons: 1: no one reads this except for a few cyber stalkers, (yes im talking to you, you freak). (sorry if your not a stalker,my bad). 2: i just dont have the time in the world, with school, money, car problems, grades, money, my time is a bit limited. 3: i just think this is a waist of time.
yet! i will still write here for the little amount of hope i still have that this will be read, which it wont, but you ARE reading this so it is being read...(damn i felt stupid writing that in present time XD).
so... today i went to school, got a B+ in math... got into the computer, saw i have no posts, checked my webmail, replied. got off. ate, did some more stuff like rob a bank and try to lick my elbo... (which is imposable i asure you unless your a freak, which you are.)
I drew some new pictures and posted them in deventart, if since your a stalker you would like to know that the acount name is total100 just as this one is.
i gtg, bye!