The Freshman 15 (Gaining 15lbs during Freshman year of college) is real. I'm now 130 lbs and I was just 115 lbs two months ago.
I talked to my parents and I told them what I ate on a daily basis. They advised me to avoid soups and sauces for spaghetti and the like. Apparently, oranges and bananas make you gain weight too.
I realize now that I am gaining weight and that my taste buds are changing. (I've been having constant cravings to fill my stomach to the max.) I'm kind of scared, plus, I haven't been exercising much. My heart has also been feeling kind of weak around the beginning of freshman year. gonk
I'm not able to run fast. When I move around in my chair, my heart starts pulling as if my thin blood vessels were going to burst. Ugh!! emotion_facepalm I have a sedentary lifestyle. I ran cross country last year in high school. It's been awhile since then. I thought that was why I am weak.
The reason(s) could be more complicated than that. I hear my classmates complaining constantly that the food is bad. Not me, I actually like it.
I will change my habits for the better.