after going to see the Nutcracker Ballet, I realized how much of a story is in the ballet ad wanted to twist it for my own use <3
It's still in progress, but I got most of it figured out.

Real story< Claira, the main chararacter in the ballet who is giver a nutracker by her uncle, a magician. After her brother breaks it, she 'nurses it back to health' then falls asleep on the couch downstairs.. While sleeping her uncle casts a spell on the house. All of the mice grow larger and surround Claira, ready to take her before the nutracker comes to life as a soldier and defends against the evil Mouse king. The king tries to kill him, but Claira steps in at the last second and helps fight hima way. She is then taken by the soldier to a magical world of christmas wonderland.

In the rp< Claira is sitll the main charcter in the story,striving to be a dancer. Her story is almost the same, save for a ffew charcter differences.

Real story< the magician, Claira's uncle who enchants the house and brings the nutcracker to life to protect Claira, he appears several times in the play to enchant thing.

In the rp< He is a friend of Claira's a man caught between two worlds. he knows and is familiar with the wonderland of Claira's dreams, and weilds the true magic of the land which he often uses in Claira's world. He seeks to protect her, and slowly attempts to lure her back in to his own world.