how can i hide this. to know the true reason why. to still not to be trusted. to be pushed away because i cared and got too close to your heart. you say you loved me but i got to close then our love ment nothing. your feeling of safty was more important. that shows me enough that i wasnt good enough for you and that i will never be good enough for you to be anything to you. yet in the end i was the fool who opened up and got close and i was the one stabbed by you. to think i was getting somewhere and really going no where. thinking yes i am helping him i can help make him happy and we can be friends but no. i was wasting my time no matter what i did you still pushed me away i tried to get close and this time you crushed my heart and shattered it like a piece of glass into many pieces. i guess you had the right to break what you fixed i never deserved to be put back together in the first place. i do understand though. your past has hurt you who ever hurt you but i guess its ok..... i will take this pain and hope because the pain i go thorugh for you will help you. for there is nothing i could do for you in the end i was just less then everyone else so i shall take what i deserve and go away. give me the pain and push me off this cliff and walk away and never return.