The steady patter of rain striking soil brought about thoughts of wilds horses, their hooves thudding against the ground. The wind was calm but that did not make the current downpour look any more appealing. As she watched Mayumi saw a few citizens rushing to their homes, most having retreated inside when the first signs of rain begun. The short girl had taken longer to go inside and as a result had her soaked clothing draped over the back of a chair, a robe drawn on afterwards as well as the thin blanket from the bed, the lone towel she was granted wrapped around her head. The other chair she sat in, one leg tucked underneath her and an elbow propped against windowsill as she watched the dull gray sky go black.

/Sai isn’t back yet…/ Sighing she lowered her arms to fold on the sill, resting a cheek against her overlapping arms. /I wish I knew what he was up to./ The mission that they had been paired to do was one that had to be done in parts. The complication of it wasn’t what bothered her; what made Mayu want to whine in frustration wasn’t even the waiting. It was not being able to do anything- at least, not yet.

Shivering and tucking the blanket more tightly around her Mayumi let her thoughts drift. The weather wasn’t helping with her mood, either. It made her wish for her own bed and close friends or at least someone to talk to.

“Wide, calm, deep and graceful, you are like a lake…”

The song came easily, drifting from her thoughts to her lips with a familiar ease. It was in those dark moments where she felt most vulnerable that Mayumi sang, eyes half-shut as she watched the pouring rain and poured her feelings into the quiet words. Though she was no less lonely by the time she finished the pale beauty did feel a touch better. That was until the sound of clapping reached her ears, blankets tossed into the air and rolling onto her feet in the blink of an eye, a kunai in each hand.

“That was lovely,” the familiar male voice chirped and Mayumi refused to let her cheeks warm at being caught, Sai‘s customary smile on his lips. “I didn’t realize that you sang.”

“I don’t,” she replied, straightening from her stance and tucking the knives back into the folds her robe. “How did it- don’t sit on the bed!”

Sai hovered where he was preparing to do just that, rainwater dripping off of him in steady rivulets. “Well seeing as the chairs are occupied…” He didn’t flop down onto the mattress as she feared, though, instead walking over to where Mayu stood and dropping into the chair she abandoned. “Well enough. It was a bit difficult to get close but he has taken my words as ‘sarcasm.’ I’m not sure if that will suit him in the long run but it should, long enough for our purpose.”

Pulling the damp towel from her own hair Mayumi dropped it on Sai’s head, bringing her hands up to try and soak up some of the rainwater. “That’s good. I wish I could have done something to help.”

“It would have been too risky,” said the former AMBU, the words somewhat muffled from the towel. “You’ll be out on your own tomorrow, anyway.”


The two were silent for a time, Mayu working on drying off her partner with a fond smile and Sai being surprisingly cooperative in the matter. “Oh, I have something for you.”

Mayu paused, pulling the towel away to look at the other. “For me?” Then she snorted, a hand rising to her mouth as if to catch the sound. Sai’s ink-black hair looked as if it were styled by a tornado, pointing every which-way and partly standing on end. Her attention was soon drawn to the soggy paper bag that he was offering, draping the hopelessly soaked towel over an arm and taking the bag with a pale hand.

“It’s probably soggy but should still be good,” Sai added as Mayu opened the bag. Inside were two sticks of dango, each with their own colorful collection of sweetened tofu. “Oh, but you probably don’t like sweets anyway, ne?”

“It’s fine,” Mayumi said, reaching into the bag to take one then offering it back to Sai. He blinked at the offer before taking it and drawing the other out, twirling the stick between two fingers. “Thank you.”

Sai nodded and bit into the first dumpling, Mayu following suit. They were soggy from the rain and cold, which was sort of gross but once she got past that the sweetness danced along her tongue, drawing a pleased sigh from the girl. Though the boy before her didn’t know how to feel and express emotions for himself he seemed to read others well enough. She could feel him watching her just then, likely studying and storing away the reaction to put an emotion to it later. /I wonder if he can truly understand pleasure./

Devouring all three of his dango just as Mayumi was finishing up her first, Sai dropped the stick back into the bag and sent that practiced smile her way. “So, seeing as we just have one room and one bed, I thought we could share-”