Today has not been fun. Syco had to deal with CPS over a bullshit report against him, and his ex-wife about their children, I feel like s**t, neither of us ate worth a damn today, and to top it all off, we got a shut off notice from the electric company, and nobody has the money to pay it. Greaaaat. It would have been less upsetting if THEY ACTUALLY SENT US A ******** BILL FIRST. GAH. Saturn is pissy cause I have him in a harness, trying to get him to get used to it. Nothing is going right at all, and to make things better, my horoscope is wonderfully accurate this week, and has been telling me for four days to hope my umbrella holds up, because a massive s**t storm has been raining down on my head.

******** unhappy today.


Ps. Glucose screening at a** o clock tomorrow, so I get to see if I have gestational diabetes. You'd think they would have checked that before I was 7 months along...