Fursona: Chaz, the Scrafty

Name: Chaz

Age: 16

Height: 3"9

Hair Color: Red-Maroon

Hair length: Shag mo-hawk, medium.

Eye Color: Black and white.

Clothing and accessories: Two spiked bracelets on his wrist (one on each), lip ring on (his) left side, iPod with headphones, rainbow belt, green scarf.

Personailty: He's a rebel and he's always blamed his parents for it. He cusses like a sailor and loves to be a jerk. Often he hurts another's feelings or gets into fights. But, what only Buizel-Bo knows, is that he has a soft side. He loves Psychic types- fully evolved and shorter than him. He also loves water types- again fully evolved and shorter than him. Chaz is bisexual, which is odd for any Pokemon.

Info: He cut off the protective tail-covering of his pants. His pants are green, a dark green, just like his scarf. His lip rind is silver, his hair almost always covers his right eye (left if you're facing him), his pants sag- showing hip bones and slight abs, his skin tone is lighter of normal scrafty and his eyes are reverse from a normal scrafty.

Collected Arts: 2/50

Perfect Bxtch-Sprite:
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Perfect Bxtch-Freebie:
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