Hello all. How are we today? Better than myself, I assume, because I'm sure you aren't trying to figure out what the hell you are allowed to eat right now! UNHAPPY IVALITH! Sorry, just venting a little. The diet I now have to be on is a little more restricting than I first realized and it's very difficult to find things I am allowed to eat, that I can also store and/or make, in my current situation. Which is making my little Dimitri a very fussy kiddo. He likes to kick when he is hungry. ><;;; Really hard.

Anyway, definitely got more done on Gaia today. I made an aquarium, decorated (somewhat) a house, did the beginning quest for some gold, along with syncing/unsyncing with Facebook. I'm rather confused by my aquarium. While my little fishies appear to have full happiness, my tank health is described as a desolate dustbowl from hell. O.o Go figure. I'll sort it out. I like the little music with it. It's amazing how little tiny things are making me happy. I guess the rest of my life right now is pretty stressful, so I figure why not relax online.

On another note, I really am trying to think of music to listen to, but I guess I'm musically stunted right now or something. Somebody send me some ideas, hmmm??? ((wink wink, cough cough))

Well, I think that's all for right now. I'm off to farm for gold!