You know what's sad about the Q&A forum of now? Sense of humor is no longer welcome. I have to refrain or restrain myself from silly comments. I know of the spamming rules where if thread got answered, move on or get a strike on your Gaia record. Really dampens the enjoyment of Gaia... being so automated.

I know, they're only doing their job. But it starts to get me wondering...hrm...Moderating on Gaia went a full 180 and they have to be serious now... gonk

Note to self; must spend time in other forums... It's hard to break the habit of venturing out into other places and socializing! I enjoy a friendlier atmosphere of the Q&A! If I was a newbie getting assistance in the Q&A forum...I rather someone break the ice than give me a wall of text.

But I gotta say receiving my first informal warning is awesome. xd

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They probably did a ritualistic dance before proceeding to opening those darn RiGs. crying
(( If only that works... ))

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