Well... I don't know exactly if everything is better or not... lately we have been doing small things together like playing cards, watching a few movies, and reading in the same room. A little bit ago I asked her to come online and do stuff but she didn't want to.. and right now she is currently trying out some new horror films she got on sale ... like the old/new... cheesy horror films.. she got like 30...3 cases that have 8 in them and a few others...She asked me to watch them with her.. I replied "Well I don't know.. why should I? I ask you to do stuff with me and you don't want to.." She replied " I just didn't want to go on the computer".... so idk.... I'm half way gonna be watching them... which means I'm going to be on Gaia and tell her how stupid they are and laugh at them..that sounds kinda mean but I mean it in the funny way..

So, I think ... it's whenever she wants to do stuff.. it feels like ...so I just decided I'm gonna try to do what she's doing (not really hanging out with me and being anti-social and don't do the stuff she wants me to do with her)...see if she gets frustrated... like me... hmm. I'll update about this later..