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The LBT Adventure

Leanux Trafton
Community Member
Bo and I were just going to relax some more when I got a call early this morning from... a place. I'm not allowed to give away details but this "place" helps keep me in check. They helped me become a true citizen by: Registering my ship and crafts, getting me what humans refer to as a Green Card (I call it a temp. vacancy chip), putting me through classes that would later help in socializing, understanding the world around me and the rules/regulations of the planet and so on.
Anyway, Bo’s agency (AAA – Alien Adoption Agency) was doing a background check on me to ensure I’m father material (yes, we’re still going through that), right? Well not only did they go through my records and papers but they’ve been making a few personal calls to my parents – yay me.
One of the rules for this planet when it comes to aliens is that we all must be lacking in high-end technology. The more advanced your technology, the more Earth wants you to keep it away. It ensures that said technological devices don’t fall into the wrong hands and whatnot. With all of this in mind, I personally hold no way of communicating with my parents and therefore they miss out on a lot… like me adopting.
Long story short “the place” on the other hand, has the ability to contact other planets and through them I can arrange a few meetings where I talk to my parents via “telephone”.
Seriously, I may be killed. My dad took the situation a lot more calmly and rationally as opposed to my mother. I thought she was going to transport over here, grow blades, dice me into a blender and turn it on. Last time I talked to her I wasn’t exactly on my feet nonetheless living under a real roof.
I brought Bo with me in hopes he’d say something and my parents would fall in love. He said few words and my parents are still unsure of the whole ordeal but the more I explained, the more they seemed okay with it – sort of. Moving on, they told me they’d get back with the agency and give them a good report (I’m still not off the hook – I’ve never seen mother so mad and upset before) and in return they expect me to contact them more often and send pictures and such of Bo and Lebo.
Oh yeah, by the way, Bo named the dog Lebo (pronounced: Lay-Bo). If you couldn’t tell, it’s a combination of my name and his. When you can’t think up a name, combine the ones you know. So yeah, I think that’s it. Now if you don’t mind, I’m expected to get back on with my parents, mother says we’re not done talking – wish me luck.

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