This is where we see dramatic changes. (I KNOW, RIGHT? ALREADY? O.O)

Case 1: Vince 3 (Transformation Phase)

Monday came too soon.

However, I was prepared. My focus on my required schoolwork bestowed upon me a healthy dose of confidence. I still had a headache. I wasn't so sure how long it would have persisted before fading away... For whatever reason, I was capable of waking up prior to my alarm going off. That had happened rarely, usually whenever I was sick to the point of vomiting during the night.

Despite that, I took advantage of this, knowing that it wouldn't take long until my father needed me with the farm. I grasped the edge of my blanket, and found myself staring at my arms. They seemed thicker; chubbier, in a sense. My forearms did, at least. It was hardly noticeable. I, rather, felt the difference over seeing it. I wasn't so sure what this was. 'Probably my eyes playing early morning tricks on me. Speaking of which, upon handling my morning bathroom affairs, I noticed those very eyes happened to be an even deeper blue, with an even more definite black circle around each.

"What the hell, am I a werewolf...?" I spoke again to myself. "None of this is making sense." I was whispering now, stroking my face with a cold hand. I ran my hand through my hair, noticing a very blatant bump on the back of my head. Thankfully, it was concealed by my hair, but it was surely there. It was stranger than fiction. I almost felt off balance because of it. And still, my head throbbed like there was no tomorrow. Luckily, there was. I suppose. Continuing with my examination, I lifted my chin, stroking it slowly and noticing another odd factor in all of this. I was not growing facial hair. I never grew it particularly fast, but I should have at least felt somewhat stubby by now. My face was alarmingly smooth. It felt like my whole body was smooth. Personally, I kept myself well-shaven because of my passion for both biking and running. It was a lot less of a hassle when you got injured...

I was not injured now, but there no doubt in my pained head that something was critically wrong with me. It was more evident now than ever before. Something inside my mind was in dire anguish. Something was screaming within me, demanding that I adjusted to its properties. I was clueless as to how I knew this. It was my intuition.

I bolted for the door, quickly scramming from the bathroom and heading downstairs. I froze in place about midway through the stairway. How in God's name would Mom or, namely, Dad would have believed what I was about to tell either of them? I was undergoing some sort of unnatural conversion. I did not know the answer to my awareness of this. And it was extremely likely my parents lacked the knowledge of this type of conundrum... I changed my mind, returning to my room and burying myself back into my bed. I had in mind a plan to stay home... I awaited my mother or father to enter my room. It was awfully unlikely that I'd be able to skip out on school. My parents were strict regarding my attendance. At this point in the year, I haven't missed much school, considering Halloween was right around the corner. That said, school had still only just begun. My idea had a slim chance.

Although, the project I had striven to complete... Before I decided on a new plan, my mother noticed me at the entrance to my room.

"Oh, Vincent, you left your door open?" She asked, walking in casually and sitting on my bed.

"I had to go to the restroom..." I told her, shifting my focus away from her.

"...Are you okay? You hardly spoke all weekend."

"I'm not feeling good, really..." Right then, I was telling the truth. My body was starting to ache. My head had already been torturing me for days. That strange sensation in my back refused to relent.

"You do look pretty green. You must have worried yourself sick." She placed the palm of her warm hand on my forehead, feeling for any signs of a fever. I gazed at my mother as soon as she started feeling across my forehead. I knew what she had discovered just then. "Vincent, what are these bumps from?"

"Uhm..." I hesitated, shrugging in my position. "I don't know, bug bites?"

"Hm, alright." She returned her hand to her lap, considering the bumps no more. My mother was not easy to fool, though the bumps on my forehead were of little concern at this point. "If you're not feeling well, I think you might be better off taking a day off. You didn't feel warm, but I can see your color's off."

"Thanks... Did we get any word on Drew?"

"They have him on life support. The doctor said that he and his team have been seeing some very strange readings on that brainwave thingy..." Mom stopped speaking, frowning and swinging one leg over another. I could tell by this expression that grim news was about to leave her lips. "I got some information from the doctor this morning actually. He told me that Drew was not the only one who fell into a coma in Autumnridge." That got me to sit up. There was a second victim? If so, then the meteorite was completely negligible. Unless...

"What happened?" I asked, a desperate plead for an answer obvious in that tired tone.

"That little meteor outside has something to do with it, we know. During the night of the meteor shower, another fell close by."

A second meteorite? I thought, jaw slowly dropping. When I realized this, I bit my lip, not prepared to ask who the second victim was. If it was in this area, then it might have been someone I knew. The odds of this were unrealistically astronomical. I only wished to await more from my mother, rather than get into the details of how fictional the odds were of this happening.

"Do you know a boy named Cruce Maximilius?" When my mother asked this, my heart sank once more... I nodded in response.

"...I do, yeah." I replied, my head hanging low. Cruce was a student at Metedia High, which was the school I attended. He was a sophomore also, and in a lot of my classes. Given this scenario, it was worse that I knew the guy since middle school. Even worse than that, I liked to consider him a school-exclusive friend. His group of buddies mingled with my friends, which was really only my friend Zatch, his older brother Zack, and another friend of ours called Danithan. Cruce's group was far stronger in numbers, thus it would probably be a harder truth to accept for them.

Especially his cousin...

"Okay." I shook my head quickly, rubbing my strange eyes and yawning shortly afterward. "I'm going to school."

"Are you sure you're feeling up for it?" Mom looked incredulous, as she blinked a couple times at my show of motivation.

"I am. I knew Cruce. And I know his cousin is devastated. He needs someone to relate to."

"Oh, that's very sweet of you. Well then, I won't get in your way. In fact, I'm proud of you for doing this... You do not look well at all, Vincent."

I shrugged again, my mother hugging me close with one arm and planting a brief kiss on my forehead. She was showing more affection than usual, and I knew exactly why. Drew was no longer here. I was the only son of hers now. If anything were to happen to me, I imagined it was a big, dissatisfying "game over" for the next generation here. Whatever was happening to may have very well put me in mortal danger. I never had the terrifying premonition of death at the end of whatever it was that was ailing me, but it was always a sobering possibility. There was now a chance that another was going through this unnatural phase. It made me able to push the pain aside. Already, I had something to thank him for...


My father did not need my help with the early farm activities. It was a convenient start to what would have been the strangest Monday of my life, only setting the stage for many more days of odd wonder to come. With my backpack secured over my shoulders and the necessities within it, I started for my school. It was easily within walking distance, especially given the time I woke up at. It was estimated at about a mile from my house, and I knew a great number of shortcuts. During cross-country runs, the coach agreed to let me use a system of pathways for a track. I ran some which led back home and to Zatch's place. Those were a bit longer than my average run, but they were a nice challenge.

The path I took was a nice woodland nature reserve. It was rare to see anyone here this early. Occasionally there might have been someone walking his or her dog, but that was about it during the early morning. I had to admit that this place was one of the most... "magical" of Autumnridge. I was not the only one who thought so. During moonlit nights, marriage proposals were made by the riverbank here. Romantic beginnings were made here. There had even been reported sights of paranormal activity in the thickets. It was a surreal area, and had remained that way with all sorts of legends and lore tethered to it since people first settled in this area. It was almost untouched by mankind, save the pathway and the wooden bridge across the river. Trees ranged from pine to palm and many a type in between. The wildlife was quite diverse for a populated area. Rock formations, alcoves, and small branching pathways led to countless hidden areas within the woodlands. Each of those hidden locations had both disturbing and mystical stories tied to them. There were modern investigations which had to do with human bodies dumped into the river or elsewhere in this place. There were also landmarks carved from the ancient natives who once lived here. My favorite spot in particular was a clearing with a large, flat slab of rock in the center, surrounded by a symbolic array of obsidian stone. Some people were horrified of this particular spot. I, however, felt fascinated and drawn to it, now more than ever. The forest around me was alive...

I stopped in my tracks, taking a deep breath. Suddenly, I choked. Not on my saliva. Not on the air. All breathing came to a halt. Quickly, I struck my upper chest with my palm, genuinely afraid for my life. Tears squeezed themselves out of my tightly shut eyes. Indeed, my eyes were shut, yet I saw images. I saw three motionless, very distinguishable pictures. They lasted for less than two seconds, each followed by a second of blackness. These images were of various spots within the obsidian Circle location; my favorite area here.

I saw the obsidian rocks in a perfect circle around the central stone slab.

I saw the symbolic markings on that slab, their meanings yet to be deciphered.

I saw Drew. He stood before the symbolic slab. He was expressionless.

These sights warped away into the confines of my morphing mind. I inhaled, then exhaled, slowly releasing my clutched hand from my chest... I doubled over, gritting my teeth and clasping my head with both hands. From there, the pain was more excruciating than, say, passing a kidney stone. In your brain. My head felt as though it were in a state of perpetual explosion; that being the most violent moment of the action. It was unmistakably pressure, though it felt as though I were about to sprout a tree from my head. Take the worst migraine you have ever had and multiply it by three. Hundred. Perhaps I was exaggerating at that point, but I was almost completely unaware of my actions. Through the pulsing, blurring vision, my instincts were driving me to the spot from my frenzied head; the Circle. My perception of time was in absolute disarray.

To me, time was in turmoil.

I arrived at the Circle by means unknown. I had no idea which route I had taken. Something had deprived me of self control. It was inside of me; my mind... There was a distorted voice whimpering inside of my head. It was Drew's... The Circle was afire with life from the trees which surrounded it. A gentle red radiance led a humble existence on the symbolic slab... Or the place of said slab. It was no more. The rock had been obliterated by a meteorite: the source of the glow. It was the same kind of meteorite from home. The same kind which destroyed the brain of my little brother. The same kind which numbered Cruce's days. IT was doing THIS to me. IT WAS DESTROYING ME.

It was the catalyst to complete this mutant that I have become. My physical appearance was changing here and now. It was the source of my immediate pain.

I dropped to my knees, which appeared to be caving in on themselves very slowly. My legs were rising, or falling. I couldn't tell. It seemed they were shrinking. My torso was doing the same. My hands, barely visible past the enormity that was now my T-shirt, were losing their details. My fingers looked as though they retracted back into my hands, leaving only three points, which continued to shrink and shift into a more grassy green. I wasn't too sure of anything at that moment, but it felt like my feet were undergoing the same thing! My socks, shoes, jeans, everything felt too large! I lifted my head, breathing uncontrollably. My eyes felt like they were large enough to see in all directions. That being established, I saw two green strands suspended from my forehead. Both of these strands were tipped a light blue. My upper back and the back of my head were in unexplainable misery. My head felt heavier, huge even. I felt off balance, the back of my head weighing far more than the front. Loose "items" felt as though they were hanging from my back. There were two of these items. They were flimsy, although they remained attached to my back...

...It was plain blackness then...


I couldn't remember...

Where I was...

Who I was... No... I was Vince. I -am- Vince. I remembered it then. My mind had just dilapidated before reconstructing itself. I honestly don't understand how I knew that, but... That's what I could tell you.

But it was weird that I couldn't remember where I was. Was I in bed under my covers? I was warm... I felt so strange. It was like I had been sedated, then had my body stretched out four times its length before it snapped back into place. Indeed, that was painful... Was I buried? It seemed like I was laying on a thin material over a dirt ground. And something bulky was atop me. I took a few minutes to feel around the ground for anything. In the process of doing so, it felt like my hands were encased in a very tight glove. I couldn't move my fingers. It was like I didn't even have any, if it weren't for three stub-like ends of my hands. I don't think I had any toes either. Did I suffer from frostbite? I didn't know how that worked, and it did not get cold enough around here in the fall to freeze someone... Fall... Autumn... Autumnridge.

I was in Autumnridge... I was walking somewhere on a dull day. I think it was Monday. It was! The weekend was over and... The weekend... That difficult weekend where Drew was hurt. Was he hurt? I hoped he wasn't. There was a meteorite, and... There was one here? Wait, but where exactly was "here"? Monday... Monday meant school. Was I walking to school...? ...I was...! I took that path, and... It was all a blur... Was I dead? I remembered being mentally... I don't know, mutilated. Was I mutilated? Did I get killed and sliced up? It would have explained why I felt so small, but it wouldn't have explained how I was still alive... But no one really knew what it was like to be dead... Did they? ...The dead... Spirits... I was on that trail. No, I wasn't dead! I was...

I quickly pushed myself up with all four limbs, knowing that they were still there, despite being clearly deformed. It felt like I had additional limbs on my back, but they were not like arms or legs. They were light and very easy to move; almost difficult not to. I removed myself from what looked like a loose T-shirt, my legs over a pair of jeans. Having pulled myself up from these clothes and the backpack upon them, I sat with the blankest stare imaginable, my stubby hands in my lap...

"How did--" I coughed, interrupted myself. It was much harder to speak now for some reason. That brought me back to that episode of choking. I wish it hadn't... My voice was far higher than usual. If I spoke with a lisp, I'd be mistaken for a tween girl. As I brought my hand up to my mouth, I examined it. My arms were chubby, and my fingers, as I expected, were like little three-prong stubs. At the same time, I noticed my feet. They were essentially green, ovular paws, minus the claws. And those "extra limbs" turned out to be wings. Insect wings. I glanced over my new, tiny shoulders to see them protruding from my back. The strangest feeling about them was the ability to control them. They were far more sensitive and, I suppose, gossamer than anything else on my, or this, body, even my eyelids. One movement was automatically a few rapid flutters faster than my large blue eyes could have followed. Speaking of which, I could place my hand--tiny stub thing, that is--over my flat face and still be capable of seeing it, even though I felt my eyes more on the sides of my head. I still saw forward very well, but trying to go cross-eyed made me quite dizzy. I didn't need that... I felt things more vividly. My sense of touch possessed an amazing acuity. Lowering my head, I felt with both hands for the source of this: two antennae... The clothes before me were once mine, but I was far too small to fit into them now. My head was decently large still, but the rest of my body was petite. I was naked, but I noticed a distinct lack of any genitals. Anywhere.

Having explored this body, I again understood that I was the one controlling it. I was the one within it. I was this body... And this mind.

"Drew...?" I forced myself to speak, still finding that to be awkwardly difficult. Upon taking another breath, I attempted it once more. "Where are you, Drew?" I lifted myself to my small, green feet, leaning forward a tad to compensate for the large curved spike on my head that was essentially making me top heavy. I gathered I didn't weigh much anymore, considering I had wings. But these wings were awfully feeble in appearance. I didn't put much hope into flying. I stepped around my things lying about and examined the fragmented rock slab. It had been desecrated by the meteorite... That very meteorite was aglow with a powerful luster. I did recall the color of it being an unmistakable scarlet. Now, however, it was very different. It was a hue I've never seen before. It was a color like none other. My eyes have ever gazed upon such a mysterious shine. It was not red. Not blue. Not green. Not yellow. It was nowhere in between. It was a new color to my sight...

Just then, I became conscious of the world around me...! Obviously, here I was: some freak of nature in the real world. I spun around, instantaneously losing all of the comfort which the sight of the brand new color granted me. I stared at the evidence of my human body in dread and skepticism, both small hands glued to my forehead.

"Oh God, what happened to me?!" I cried out, rather hoping no one who have heard me in my desperation. I couldn't be seen like this, but I was unsure what else there was to do. Most definitely, I couldn't go to school. I couldn't return home. I couldn't even leave this spot if I didn't want to risk being seen. I very much so preferred to stay hidden, and the trees were a marvelous method of doing just that. I wasn't any less panicked with this idea in mind. No ideas could have changed what had just happened to me, if it even happened at all. Everything felt real, but no one has felt such conversion before, so how could I have known what "real" was anymore? My brother seemed he would have been forever unconscious at the touch of an empyrean meteor. Now I had transformed into God knows what at the sight of that meteor. Was it the meteor...?

...This was happening. All of my senses were tuned to a setting brand new to me. In spite of that, they were senses, and they allowed me to experience the world around me, which was very much the same as it was prior to this episode... Now, I knew I was Vince, but even in some scenario such as this, I would have most likely worried myself sick, but something about the way I thought was different. I felt like I could make out the murky consequences of my actions. Foggy as they were, it seemed like I was still seeing into the future. I lowered my hands to my sides and took a deep breath.

I have to try to keep from being too emotional about this. I need to move to some place even more tucked away than this so that I can at least digest what I can of this situation in some sort of peace... Can I really fly? At the last thought, I looked over my shoulder again, observing as I fluttered my wings. I maintained that motion with easy, actually finding it to be amusing! It made me feel lighter. For the sake of the small experiment, I hopped a tad, taking to the air much more than I anticipated. It felt like I was in space, the only difference being my control over gravity. It had turned out that I was flapping my wings too fast, as I continued to ascend. I adjusted for the alacrity of my wing motion simply by relaxing ever so slightly more. It came natural to me, but it still felt like I was prone to slip up and plummet to the ground at any moment. My human fears and anxieties remained... As did some other things. For instance, flying was really only something one might have done in a giant metal contraption with wings and jet engines. It was unreal to have considered flying something one could have done naturally, yet here I was... I was more afraid that I'd suddenly spring up too high rather than fall down. There was a great deal of power behind these wings. Given their size, that was reputed. I released my focus on them, ceasing their motion and dropping myself to the ground. My low center of gravity caused the landing to feel like the impact of one foot per step of a smooth jog, maybe even a brisk walk. It was incredible. It was like I could have leaped a hundred feet into the air and have been completely fine upon landing (I would've taken flight anyway).

So, yes. I could fly.

I walked to my backpack and located the zipper. Pulling it open, I snatched a brown paper bag containing a ham sandwich, an apple, and a bag of pretzels. It was the regular lunch I made for myself in school mornings. With this bag held in both hands, I perused the rest of my stuff, curious as to what I might have needed for what may become survival... That thought process was interrupted at the sounds of barking. I stopped everything I was doing, glancing up at the direction of the oncoming barking. Panicking once again, I looked over the things of mine before realizing that I had needed one more item. I pushed my backpack off of my shirt, then, with the bag hugged close to my chest, I leaned down and moved the shirt up to my mouth with my free hand, proceeding to biting down on it and again holding the bag in both hands. Compensating for this extra weight, my wings fluttered much faster than before. I was off...

I was in the wild with very limited food and warmth. And I wasn't even human... Not anymore.

And strangely...

It hurt to part with the meteorite.

It was as though I was leaving my brother... Again...

This one took a bit longer. It was worth it though.

Okay, so here's a run down. I don't really think anyone else's transformation is going to happen that suddenly after having produced a change already. For example, we saw that Vince was turning green with bumps on his forehead and blue eyes right? Suddenly, he turned into Celebi. The transformations from here on will not be as spontaneous. The meteorite was, as it said, a catalyst. Therefore, Vince changed much faster. So yes, this story is about Pokemon and people who transform into them. I'll explain how the "virus" spreads within the story. Each new case will be a different character, but elements from the previous case will transmit over.

In this part, Cruce was mentioned! Along with his cousin, which I don't have to hide. That's Topher. So this will be a story that combines Blast and Mnesia. I like to think of those as "project titles". Blast handles the original concepts and works of mine. Mnesia is the fan fiction stuff. (Which means Pokemon, pretty much.) In the upcoming case, you're gonna see a lot more character interaction. It won't just be Vince and his mom and maybe his dad. The next case will involve a lot more dialogue and action, not to mention more emotion...

...One last note: not every character will be a legendary Pokemon. ._.; There's a special reason why Vince turned into Celebi.