Sorry I haven't updated recently! I just have been experimenting with different ways my ideas, thoughts, life, etc. I've been vlogging, blogging (tumblr), and just...yeah. Those are the only things I tried. But I think the most effective one, and the one I treasure the most, is this journal. I mean, this has been around since I was in 5th grade. I want to constantly update this as much as possible, because I still sometimes get blown away by the thoughts I had back then.

I'm trying not to type that loud right now because Isaac is sleeping right now (my boyfriend) and it's 3AM. I might wake him up later just cause he told me to. x) Have I ever told you about him? He's pretty much my partner in crime. I don't really see him as my boyfriend, he's my god damn partner. in. crime. (omg I haven't used bbcode in a while.)

Once again, I've found more ideals in life. This time, I've been inspired to change the world. Simply put, I want to start a movement. It's simple enough to say but complicated to understand & apply. I want to, though. More than anything else, really. I've never felt this much passion to make such a positive difference in the world. The question is, however, how?

I'm probably going to figure that out along the way. (:

More updates....I'll try to do those more throughout the year. Sophomore year is going excellent.

Nehssa, out!~