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P03M$ It's Just Poems Bout My Feelings.

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The Unfortold Story
Part 1

*Flashback of the end*

"No Kimiko! You...you can't!' Chikane runs to catch-up to Kimiko. "I...I'm sorry. P-please forgive me..." Kimiko grips her hands around Chikane's Katana; she had managed to get a hold of during the battle, and rams it deeply into her
stomach. Blood spews out from her mouth as she falls backwards onto the ground. "KIMIKO!" Chikane runs over to break her fall. "Ki...miko..." Tears fell heavily down her filthy and blood torn face. She removes the Katana from her friend and watches Kimiko's emotionless expression. A once gentle and loving face; now appears breathless and lost. "Why did you do that, Kimiko?" She cried dropping the Katana; holding Kimiko close, she fell to her knees.

*In the past before the incident*

First day of school

"Chikane! Wake up, wake up, wake up! It's morning!" Her little brother ran over and pulled off her covers. She pulled them back over her head groaning in annoyance. He climbed onto her bed and began bouncing. “GET UP, GET UP, GET UP!” “I got an idea!” She growled again from under her covers. “Get ‘UP’ off my bed you brat!” She tried kicking
him, from where she laid under the cover’s, hoping to knock him off. “HA! YOU MISSED!” He chirped back laughing. “Oh, I’ll miss alright!” She flipped up her covers and snapped up trying to grab him. He quickly screamed laughing and ran out of her room. “BRAT!” She yelled chasing him down the hall. BANG! She heard her door slam shut and turned around running back to it. “BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG” She pounded on her fist hard against the door. “Open the door twerp!” She yelled fuming with anger. “What’s the password?” Asked Chikako, Shun’s twin brother. “I’LL KILL YOU!” She yelled fumigated now, with the lack of respect. Shun stood over at the stairs laughing. Enjoying this show of the morning. “WRONG!” muffled Chikako’s voice behind the door. Chikane grew angry and couldn’t take it anymore. Taking a step back she gathered her energy and busted down the door. Chikako ran to the corner of the room crying and shivered in fear. “I-I’m sorry! It wasn’t my idea! Honest! It was Shun’s!” The tears streamed down his face, one after the other. Putting her hand to her forehead, and the other pointing to the door,
she quietly responded, “Out. Before I change my mind on why I shouldn’t kill you both!” Without hesitation, he bolted out of the room. She fixed her door and began getting ready for her big day. The boy’s ran screaming down the stairs.

*In Kimiko’s residence*

“Whoa! What’s this?” Kimiko turns around and smiles warmly to that familiar voice. “It’s called breakfast dad. You should try it sometime!” The man chuckles and sits down at the table. “Alright! Hit me with all you got!” He lifts up his fork in one hand and his knife in the other, holding dearly his warmly lit smile upon his face. Kimiko giggles as she hands him a tall stack of waffles. “I call it: Berry Bonanza!” Her dad took a big bite and smiled. “This is great Kiki! Reminds me of your mother’s cooking!” “Mother…” Quietly whispered Kiki, as she turned around to glance out the
window. Her Dad’s smile also quickly faded. “Oh…I’m sorry. I’m new to this whole dad thing. I forgot how close you are with her.” Kiki turns around and smiles. Hey, it’s ok. I’ve never seen her smile the way she does when you’re
around her.” “R-really?” His cheeks burn bright red as he looked up grimacing at Kiki. “Yes! It makes my heart soar and very proud to call you my father. Even though…” Her smile vanished as she turns around to look back out the
window again. Her eyes catching sight of a couple of squirrels chasing one another. “I wish Father could be here to watch me grow up, and go into Academy High. That was his dream you know. I feel that being his only child, I should
carry on his dreams and give him something to be proud of…” The man with his face stuffed with waffles, glanced at his watch and panicked. “Sorry Kiki! I have to go!” He quickly jumped up and kisses her cheek. “Great breakfast this
morning!” “DAAAD! You promised you’d sit and eat with me today!” She turned and glanced at him. “Well if you want me to enjoy your cooking, I need to be able to afford the food first.” He quickly threw on his jacket and looked over at
Kiki. She blew him a kiss goodbye; he caught it and opened his hand over his heart. “Have a great first day of school Kiki!” He quickly blurted. “I will!” He dashed outside and started up the car. She looked out the window and waved
goodbye. After she watched him leave, she began cleaning up the kitchen. Then silently went upstairs to finish her packing.

*Back at Chikane’s house*

“Dammit!” Yelled Chikane. “Where did you brats put my underwear!?” The butler appeared by her room and got hit in the face by a flying bra. “It’s right here Madame Kobayashi.” He held out his arm revealing her underwear draped over it. She ran immediately over to him embarrassed. “Don’t flash these around! It’s embarrassing!” The butler rolled his eyes and let out a heavy sigh. Removing the bra from his face he replied, “I shall return to pick up your things. Chikane shoved the underwear in her suitcase then locked it shut. “BYE BRATS!” She yelled as she ran down the stairs to the front door. “Hey! You forgot something!” Yelled Shun. She stopped and turned around. “Oh yah? Like what?” She dropped her suitcase as her eyes came in contact with what Shun held. “You’re teddy bear!” Shun smiled deviously. “HEY! HOW’D YOU?!? Oh never mind. GIVE ME THAT!” She dashed back up the stairs, but stopped and groaned when she saw her ride had arrived. Shun smiled rather pleased with his timing. Chikane knew she had a choice. Either nab her stuffy and pumble her brother, or forget him and kill him for it later. Either way, she knew the limo wasn’t going to wait all day for her. “FINE! YOU WIN!” She rushed back down picking up her suitcase and waltz out the door. “Wait!’ Shun came running down and handed it to her. “Here. I’ll miss you.” He handed it to his older sister with his glaze down at his feet. Chi stood there stunned to hear this from her little brother. “R-really?” Shun smiled stupidly as he rose his head up to face his sister. “’Course not! No more beatings!” He dashed off giggling in delight. “Brat…” She quietly muffled under her breath; turning around and dashing down the steps to her awaiting limo. Jumping in, she slammed the door shut and placed her headphones in her ears.

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