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Surens Dark Corner
Rated M For Mature audiences only. Enter only if cussing doesn't affect you in the slightest.
Updated Character Profiles
I decided to make my own little character profile. It's probably not as detailed as others but it's intended to give people a way to easily make and explain characters. Feel free to use this skeleton and alter it as you see fit.

Title (If Applicable) : (Is your character known by a specific title in your world?)
Name: (Your Characters Name)
Age: (How Old Your Character is.)
Race: (What Race your Character is i.e. Human, Werewolf, etc.)
World of Origin: (What world does your character come from? This can be a specific time zone, a world with magic, etc.)
Personality: (How does your Character act around other people? Is he/she shy? Outgoing? Rude?)
Brief Description: (Give us a brief description about what makes your character unique. Is there something unique about the world they come from? What separates your vampire from other vampires? i.e. Your character wears a pendant around their neck that glows when danger is nearby.)
Job (If Applicable) : (Does your character have a job? Is he a demonslayer? Is she a waitress?
History: (Tell us a bit about your characters past. Did they grow up in an orphanage? Are they an assassin who quit their old order and are now being hunted?)
Combat Ratings: (How does your character fight? Is he/she an sword fighter? Does he/she prefer to cast powerful magic? Your character can have a maximum amount of ten points in all areas. Try to hold true to your characters combat rating if you get in a fight.)
-Physical Attack: (Physical damage i.e. Sword fighting, Gunplay, fist attacks)
-Magical Attack: (Magical damage i.e. Spell casting, fireballs, summoning dead soldiers)
-Defense: (How does your character defend? Do they wear a lot of armor? Do most of your abilities revolve around being able to protect others?)
-Speed: (How fast is your character?)
-Stealth: (Can your character move quickly and silently to get into a better position?)
Weaponry: (What weapons does your character use? At max two weapons. A main weapon and a sidearm. Characters who dual-wield must use one slot per weapon unless the weapons are small.)
-Main: (This is your polearm, your greatsword, your katana)
-Secondary: (This is your bow and arrow, your shortsword, your dagger)
Magical Abilities: (Does your character use magic? If so, list two abilities. Generalizations are allowed i.e. Fire based abilities. Feel free to add the actual list of attacks to your other section.)
-Main: (This is your main ability. Is your character a pyromancer? A priest? This ability should reflect that choice.)
-Secondary: (This is your secondary ability, or secondary school of magic? Frost mage? Demonic summoning?)
Other: (Anything you feel you have neglected too add.)
Appearance: (How does your character look? Can be written out, a picture, or both)
Link to Roleplay Introductory Post: (Link to your characters first roleplay post. This is important because it introduces your character to everyone so make it a good one.)

My Example

I made Vytakin for a Demons Souls RP. He's a melee fighter at heart, wearing a lot of armor to protect himself from attack while not relying too heavily on dodging and the like to get him out of trouble. His armor makes a lot of noise so he's not very stealthy. He uses magic but not as his main form of attack, it's more of a utility available to him to help him get past various traps and monsters that are too far away to hit with his weapon. I've chosen to have a shield as his secondary weapon to reflect his defense stat. You can of course, have a sword and shield as your first weapon only as the two weapons generally go together. But if I had chosen another weapon to use it would have been harder for him to roll out of the way or run past a trap if he needed too due to the extra weight.

Title (If Applicable) : N/A
Name: Vytakin (Vi-tah-kin)
Age: 32
Race: Undead
World of Origin: Boletaria
Personality: Quiet and reserved, ever since his death his single focus appears to have been his mission. He does not open up easily to those around him and only respects the worthiest of combatants. Those hoping to gain his trust should do so by helping further his quest along.
Brief Description: A knight by profession, he was killed and locked in an asylum with other warriors who had fallen in battle only to rise again. Unlike regular undead, the warriors retained their past mobility and intellect. The only hindrance is that one day all undead go hollow, losing what little humanity they have left and turning against the living.
Job (If Applicable) : Knight of Boletaria
Combat Ratings:
-Physical Attack: X X X X
-Magical Attack: X
-Defense: X X X
-Speed: X
-Stealth: X
-Main: A longsword empowered by divine magic, it houses the ability to harm the various undead monstrosities that roam Boletaria.
-Secondary: A shield which empowers his stamina, allowing him to run for longer periods of time without needing to rest.
Magical Abilities:
-Main: A healing spell that will heal basic wounds on the caster.
-Secondary: A basic pyromancy spell: Fireball.
Other: He is hunted by phantoms who wish to leave the curse of the undead upon the world. (Explained in the introductory post.)
Appearance: Vytakin
Link to Roleplay Introductory Post: (In Progress)

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