So, during this past weekend, on Saturday, my family and I had a bonfire!
It was fun.
It took a while to get the fire going because it had rained the previous night, but we got the fire going after a while.
It took two doses of gasoline.
Before the bonfire, we had a taco dinner and Sean, Celeste, and I played Crash Team Racing on the Playstation.
I was playing Spyro this weekend as well.
No Spyro game past the third will ever surpass the first three.

This is my first Halloween with no trick-or treating and my first Halloween giving out candy.
There are never any trick-or-treaters at the other house because it's in the boondocks.
At my mom's house though, she lives in the city, so we might have trick-or-treaters.
We don't know how many we'll get since it's a small neighborhood and mostly old people, but we'll see.
Someone had told my mom there weren't many trick-or-treaters, but there are some.
Well, this'll be interesting.
Also, I got candy in art and math today. emotion_dowant