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Hmm...i guess this journal would be ...welll like any other one...updates of my life...and...err...stuff...to tell you the truth i'm not good at keeping these types of things up to date but i guess i could try! ^_^
Busy busy busy
It wasn't until I missed wishing one of my most favorite people a happy birthday that I realized how full my days were. (I even argued it was something important gonk ) I mean sure... It could've been a clue when I rarely ever get on the xbox and take time to waste some odd hours shooting things. Or that I never go out to my other family just did whatever there with them. Or the fact that I hardly see my family anymore even though I still live under the same roof as them. It's is now that I've made a simple jaw clenching, OCD ridden mistake that I realize how enraged at school I was. I go there every morning to learn nearly nothing by lecture, then come home to a pile of homework. I'm fine with spending the required time with my Love, but even during that time, I'm worried and shaken about my next test, or when this or that is due. I'm ******** doing homework there! I'm making study dates with people I just wanna play video games with and find it heart wrenching that I'd rather really choose to study than get pro. I breathe, eat, and sleep school just to ensure I pass with an A. It's unnerving how much it's consumed me.

And now it hits me why I often come one here and do nothing. Yes.. I miss my friends and wonder on and on about how they are sure, I use this as a bridge to see if they're okay... But in the back of my head I can feel a hankering for that engulfing activity of procrastination. In the back of my head the moto plays over and over:

Do you remember when you came here to Rp and have fun? Petridge Farm I remember s .


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Maeni XIII
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Nov 03, 2011 @ 03:43am
Well, I wanted to hang out when I visit, but now it is a certainty that I'm taking you out when I go over there in Dec. (You can't tell me no. I know where you live!)

It sounds like you need a break. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy... or however it goes.

commentCommented on: Sun Nov 06, 2011 @ 02:09am
I do play, but i do my homework while I play or I play at ungodly hours on the pc cause my dad is up at ungodly hours watching his movies. lol I'm up for hanging out, so long as I get homework done lmao. Homework homework homework homework homework... I'm gonna shrivel up and die thinking about homeworkskfjskjdfsiefh =..=

I really.. really miss rping...

Community Member
Maeni XIII
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Dec 15, 2011 @ 11:27am
I started college. Also I can't visit for Christmas like I was planning, damn AF, what else is new. Buuut... er.. Aku is deploying in April, and I might come visit/hangout if you would be cool with that?

Also my life is reaching some level of stability and I just might be becoming a functional member of society; doing it on my own, no less. I'm not sure whether or not to feel pleased about that. I find myself often missing simpler days.

I'm going to try and check this more often so I can make some semblance of a conversation with you since I generally ignore my phone and I really miss talking to you.

PS. What pc game are you playing? (I'm assuming it is a game)

PPS. ******** captcha. Or whatever it is called.

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