Today was a really good day.
My dad took us all to Tampa to see a hockey game, Buffalo vs. Tampa.
Now see here, I don not normally like sports, but hockey is AWESOME.
These guys are just flying on the ice, balancing a puck, trying to coordinate their passes, and fighting off the people from the opposing team who want to bash their heads in, all on ice.
That, sirs, is a sport that requires some goddamn skill and I respect them for it.
The game is pretty brutal.
The first fight in the first period, almost everyone in the stadium just stood up simultaneously, just waiting for a good fight.
Needless to say, I am now a fan of hockey.
Tampa won 3-0, but I was rooting for Buffalo.
It's a very fun atmosphere.

We got home at around 12:30 and I was on the computer for an hour, just catching up on news and stuff, and my dad calls me down to watch an awesome documentary about planets forming and potential life in our solar system.
It was amazing.
We watched two episodes and as I type now, he's watching an episode about time travel.
I'm not very interested in time travel, so I stopped watching.
But some thing mentioned on the documentary were really amazing and, frankly, terrifying.
Space is a very scary place, but so amazing at the same time.
Every time I watch space documentaries, I feel so small and I am.
When you think about it, humans are like microscopic organisms compared to every thing else beyond in space.
It's breath taking.
Space is the final frontier and I don't think there'll ever be a shortage of things to explore in space.
Not in this lifetime, anyway, and not for quite a while.
Not in this millennium.