Happy Halloween everyone!
I hope you'll enjoy this (not so) spooky little poem I wrote.

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The Sacrifice

They came at night, by candlelight
Through the frosty stones
Their shadows grew, and then withdrew
Over the cold bones

A black cat yowls, coyote howls
At the moonless sky
The leader grins, his thought begins
A young girl will die

The sky is lit, as lightning hit
Thunder shook the ground
Leaves and twigs flew, gusty wind blew
With a whistling sound

They start to run, one after one
To the shelter, then
Raindrops began, to wet the land
Lightning struck again

Soaked to the skin, they entered in
Mausoleum door
Dry and dusty, old and musty
Laid her on the floor

With interval, of ritual
Merely a prelude
His weapon aimed, a spirit tamed
They move to conclude

The duo done, their morbid fun
And they will not grieve
The child was slayed, a woman made
On All Hallows Eve

© C.G. 2011

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