Are you an author?
Or are you just insane?
Are the voices in your head real?
Or are they imagined?
Are they your story characters?
RP characters?
Invisible friends?
Whatever the case, you probably belong, in
A.I.I's Asylum of Others!

Meet the Cast

Saphira: Hi, I'm Saphira! I'm A.I.I's inner personification of good!
Samantha: And I'm Samantha, the persona of evil and all things bad.
Saphira: Don't you mean ebil?
Samantha: ...Shut up.
Crush: I'm Crush!
Wolf-fang: And I'm Wolf-fang!
Both: We're the Trouble Twins!
Crush: But as you can see, I'm the cuter one. *Winks* Hello, ladies!
Wolf-fang: And as you can see, I'm the smarter one...
Crush: *Bristles* And what's that supposed to mean, Furball?!
Samantha: Technically, you're both furballs...
Kammara: AHEM!
*The room goes silent*
Kammara: Thank you.
Jackie: I'm Jackie, Saphira's older brother.
Kisha: I'm Kisha. I... Tried to kill Saphira. Many times...
Flame: I'm Flame, the pyro-powered leader of the Ghostettes!
Shadow: Shadow, necromatic middle Ghostette and Dragon-Witch Sister in life.
Shriek: I'm Shriek, banshee-like youngest Ghostette and expert Potions Mistress!
Rakna: I am Rakna, Goddess of Chaos and Samantha's adoptive mother.
Akra: I am Akra, God of Deceit and Dishonor, brother of Rakna.
Ashenfur: I am Ashenfur, Samantha's second in command.
Unnamed One: Come closer so I can eat you.
Saphira: ...That's the neutral persona. Good or bad... She still wants to eat you.
Bloodscythe/Torn: I am Bloodscythe, Samantha's future husband.
Samantha: Sure you are...
Bloodscythe: *Growls* Must you always be so sarcastic?
Samantha: Let me check my contract... Yep.
Samantha: Especially when I'm talking to obsessed, kidnapping stalkers.
Samantha: Like you.
Bloodscythe: ...You will be mine.