so. i've been waiting for many many years for a particular album to come out and today (i believe it was today) it came out. this album is the new self-titled album by evanescence and, needless to say, i wasn't too impressed by what i heard. yes, amy's voice is truly a god-sent. yes, she makes amazing music. but this time, i just didn't feel much for the music. i don't particularly know why, but i've come up with a few different reasons. while there are a few pretty good songs on this album, the majority sounds a hell of a lot more mainstream.

don't get me wrong. i'm actually one of the few people who can listen to a mix of justin bieber (pop), great big sea (folk-rock), and we are the emergency (screamo), without getting a complex from the vastly different genres. but this mainstream sound that evanescence has put into this new album has, in a way, sucked the life out of it. i loved fallen. loved the open door. i'm just a little disappointed that this album didn't quite live up to my expectations. i mean, they took all of that time to work on it, didn't they? shouldn't it be, i don't know... better? i'm sure that one day in the future, i'll look back on this and think to myself "gawd, why didn't i like this album when it came out?" but for now, i'm not particularly happy with it. but maybe my love for evanescence has just ebbed. who knows?

and, on another completely random different note. i want to roleplay. badly. or at least see people talking in the ooc for the roleplay i'm in. i know people are busy with life (i sure as hell know that i will come the weekend) but i just... i'm bored. i have no idea what to do with myself. i've been on my laptop all day in the confines of my room. all i've been doing is flipping back and forth between my videos on youtube (watching the views on my newest video increase faster than the views on any of my previous vids) and my subscribed threads, waiting for anybody to just post something. anything. see? i've even bothered with updating my journal to occupy my time.

ah well. i think that's enough from me. i'm getting sick of my own inner thoughts. so i'm gonna go listen to some schmoyoho and the tangled soundtrack. peace out, loverlies~
: )