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Made by the stupidpsycho! It's really cute!
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I got a prize for bumping for a certian amount of times!
Made by stupidpsycho!

It's pretty big but chech it out!
This was made a while back by Luze!

This wonderfuly insane comic
Is made by Lamia en su Cabeza

This is a comic made by a fellow Wger, Shadow Belmonte! It's really cute~ whee

Oh Dark! whee
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I've been captured!
Thanks, Houkito!

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This was done by xl Cyanide Candy lx heart
It's part of a Halloween Project that my friend Puppet created. He's awesome heart

Trick or treat!
This was done by Blue Salt heart
Awww the tentacles is such little bonus

Also here's part One of art <3