your foot was tapping my leg (your shoe, rubber and canvas) and it
actually turned me on. is that a normal thing to be turned on by? really?
maybe it is i really wouldn't know but yeah. regardless. i need to stop all this
for my own sake i think. or maybe not. i just don't believe a word you say any longer than five minutes after you say it. i can't believe that you love me. i can't believe that you love that i love you. i can't believe anything you've ever said but it's all eclipsed by her and she's ******** everpresent. ******** it doesn't matter what i want or feel because what actually matters is what she wants and feels and needs. and i've always known that but i guess it seems an especially harsh reality lately. probably because i don't see you. i don't feel you. you hardly talk it feels like. you do talk but it feels like you aren't even there. or maybe that i'm not there. the only time recently fsdgfukdsgufkgdskjfddsgjkfhdsjkfhdskjhfjdskjfhdjksfhk ********. i just remembered english class ******** s**t dammit ds/fjhdskjf no