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Haki's place of thoughts Well, there will be random things placed here....

Hakizimana Inu
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Prof for Brink of War
~Character Data~


User Image

child form
~Personal Information~

Name: Cyth Zevach
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hard to tell
Race: Advent Human
Ethnicity: Unknown
Reiatsu Color: Blood red
Reiatsu Appearance: Unknown, never seen
Personality: A down to earth kind of person, he's very direct and bit of a devil-may-care attitude.


Height: 5'7
Weight:150 pounds
Hair: Blond with parts of it red like it had been strained with blood. He seems to get more color in it every week.
Eyes: Reddish-orange
Clothing: Trench coat, black shirt and jeans
Physical Appearance: Athletic though on the lean side.
Occupation: Palm reading, fortune telling, occasional theft
Affiliation: Strictly on his own side
History: An orphan, he meandered the streets making a very slim living on simple acrobatic skills and cute looks but hanging around the wrong kind of people got him into the wrong kind of mess. He barely made it out alive, losing only an eye instead of his life though it had been a close call. He's learned to fight before then which helped aid in his escape and has gotten better since then.

Extra Weapons or Items: a couple of knives, a knapsack full of clothes, other living needs
Hobbies: Palm reading, star gazing, learning, fighting
Favorite Food: All
Favorite Drink: All
Least Favorite Food: Rotten stuff
Likes: Food, liquids, fighting
Dislikes: Misuse of power, being hungry, not having a home
Relatives: No clue but he keeps an eye out.

~Advent Human Powers~

Advent Human Nature: ....how would he know? It just showed up
out of the blue at age 10.
Ability Name: Messenger
Ability Description:Premonitions (if touching someone he can get a sense of something bad happening to them or about them), Telepathic (can be contacted by anyone or can contact anyone to deliver a message) and soothsayer.
Ability Techniques/Attacks:
Premonitions,-when touching someone that is linked to a bad situation he will receive a bad feeling. When it is himself in trouble it can be very spot at times.

His telepathic powers can only be used to deliver and receive messages and link several minds for a conversation. (just have the character think of him and their need to contact him and they will be able to reach him.) When he is the instigator he is reduced to 10 year old child for an hour (though it depends on how long he is in a conversation with other) after the disconnection though he retains the strength of his old body.

Because of his previously mentioned powers he can sooth any one into a calmer mental stay so they can comprehend what he is delivering to people. While this could be used as an attack to put people to sleep or so at ease that they no longer want to fight he rarely uses it unless in extreme situations. He doesn't like to take away peoples will from them counting those he'd consider an enemy.

~Advent Arts ~

Advent Arts:
-Kensen Heken (Advent Fade)
Advent Humans can also use high-speed movement. When doing this, a Advent Human's feet will begin to emanate a reishi called, Advent Fade. This is a sign that the user is beginning to master their powers.

[color=orangered][size=15][b]Cyth Zevach[/b][/size][/color]

[size=9][color=gold][b]<>[/b][/color][color=orangered]19[/color][color=gold][b]<>[/b][/color][color=orangered]Advent Human[/color][color=gold][b]<>[/b][/color][color=orangered]5'7''[/color][color=gold][b]<>[/b][/color][color=orangered]The Messeger[/color][color=gold][b]<>[/b][/color] [/size]


[color=orangered] [/color]


his powers are connected to that time which is why his major power is tied to his old child formto create a weapon against hollows that they wouldn't see coming

He'd been experimented on by both Quincy and Shinigami in an attempt to create an Advent human on purpose

and that could work because if you remember in the anime, Quincy could have some gens. skip without the gift
But it would make sense because it would mean he would naturally be more susceptible to acquiring spiritual abilities
and it does explain how he's able to maintain composure around high spirit pressure
I think if anything they would take him because he was the child of Quincy. You're taught to be a Quincy, you're not born with it
raised in Russia
So could have Cyth
he doesn't even know his own nationalityhe was kidnapped from the hospitalparents told he was deadand was carried off to Japan
where his kidnapper died

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