The Hitman he has many names because he is to be anyone at any certain time. He was born, bred, and raised to be the greatist killer, assasian, hitman of all time. He has killed many polotics, mob bosses, gang leaders, countless to say to this day. However he has become old, age has set in and the program shut him out but not down. He still knows how to get anything or anywhere that he needs. After the training and breeding of killing has engraved into his whole being. He has become bored with the retired life, gathering up the rest of his supplies he has become a lone wolf to do one thing. Kill any monster, beast, or unhuman being, however he is only human. He knows this fact but he willing to die to get one last thrill in his life. The program trained his mind and body to not to feel fear, and not to love. Yet on his old age he has become lonely, yet does not know how to be normal.

Name: unknown
age:in his 40's
powers: non
abilities: Sharp shooters eyes, assasian quickness
weapons: an arsnol under his trench coat plus what he left at his base or in his car
likes: to kill, a challange, is curious of love
dislikes: vampires, his age