I have a boyfriend right now. He's amazing, he's everything I've ever wanted. He can't compare to anyone else that I've met before. I can't believe that he's mine, I also can't believe that someone could be this amazing.

Homecoming is coming soon, and I'm going to get asked, but he won't tell me how. xD It's legitimately killing me. HAHA. Buuut...I have a couple of ideas for Tolo, and I think I have an idea...hehehehe. I get to torture him like he's been torturing me. ;__;

Jeeeebus. I feel so happy. Yesterday I went with my friends to hold up signs on a street corner that said, "Have a nice day!" and "Honk if you're happy!" We got 207 honks in total. It was the greatest thing EVER. hahaha. We're definitely going to do it again.

I've changed my focus to making people happy, making the world a better place. I want to do something like ImprovEverywhere, making people smile by doing stuff that's out of the box. I'm inspired, and I hope that it stays that way!! (: