Scarlet OC

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Mischievous, Flirty, Naughty, Fearless, Clever

Body Type:

Thin and Tall ~ 136 lbs. , 5'7
(you can make her have big breasts though 4laugh )


17 - 23 years old


She is wearing Black and Red striped theme lingerie. This includes a red and black striped corset, loose shoulder-less sleeves (black sleeves with flowy red semi-ruffled cuffs), High heeled boots that are black with greyish stripes (like corset) and on the boots there is red and on at the top part there are red ruffles (Link to boots). Her accessories consists of a pendant with a ruby center ( you can make it shine) and a bright crimson rose that she wears in her hair; it has some vines with thorns (optional) you can make the vines black if you would like. Her hair's color ranges from red to dark red to really dark red and it flows down to her ankles.

Art Refs

Headshot ~ ZellaWoods

Thigh-Up ~ Jen-Til

Monochrome Half Bod ~ FlipMaester

Bust ~ C3NTRIC

Halfbody ~ AENDRl

Mini Chibi ~ Bitchy Banana

Fb Sketch ~ turntechbiologist

Light Sketch Thigh Up ~ FrozenKitty

Halfbody ~ Letum Machina

Bust ~ Sweet Crys