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Full Name: Kaiosou Kineta
Nicknames: Kai
Famous Shinobi Name: Sora: Lit. The Sky // Kazejin, The God of the Wind
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 23 -Ageless-
Birth Date: July 19th
Birth Country: Saidogakure No Sato
Race: Human
Sex Orientation: Straight
Current Village: None
Previous Villages: Ex-Konohagakure no Sato, Ex-Otogakure no Sato, Ex Saidogakure no Sato

Shinobi Profession: Drifter, Mercenary for Hire (With Masshuu Uchiha)

Major Shinobi Information:

Clan: Kineta
Clan History/Information:
The legend of the Kasaigan's birth is known to every member of the Kineta clan. A legendary shinobi from the mountains was sent on a mission to destroy the god of wind that was threatening to wipe out his home town. After travelling for many weeks, honing his skills along the way, the man came upon the wind god's temple. Immediately a fight broke out, with the man cutting off one of the beast's twelve tails. The fight raged on for an entire month, with neither of the combatants slowing at all. On the first day of the next month, the beast grew tired of it's fighting; having destroyed it's own temple in the fight. As a last resort it vowed that the shinobi would know it's loss and released it's being as a large sonic boom. The force of the attack was easily enough to reach all the way from the northern hemisphere to the southern, leveling everything along the way, including the shinobi's home. In order to save himself and his village, the shinobi did the only thing he could do. Focusing all of his chakra into his eyes, the shinobi absorbed the blast into them, leaving him blinded. As soon as he released the chakra however, he could see again, but his vision was strange. Rather than seeing as a normal human would, he was instead seeing the flow of wind. He then felt a force take him over as he manipulated the wind and cut the now weakened wind beast to pieces. With his mission complete, the man returned home and fathered three sons; each of which held the same eyes as their father. From then on, every child born into the Kineta clan held the Kasaigan within them.

Bloodline: Kasaigan (Green Eyes of Gale)
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The Kasaigan's abilities are divided into three main levels.
Level One: The first level of the Kasaigan is activated once a Kineta clan member turns twelve. It will allow them to see the air patterns clearly, also allowing them to see through all visual Genjutsu. In addition to the above, it will grant them control over the flow of air, determined by their level of chakra control. It will also allow them to preform Fuuton jutsu without the use of hand seals.

Level Two: The second level of the Kasaigan is activated once the Kineta clan member can keep the Kasaigan active in it's first level for an entire day. Once it activates the user's level of control over the flow of air greatly increases. Once it activates for the first time, it remains, meaning that once the Kasaigan is activated it will automatically enter the second level.

Level Three: The third level of the Kasaigan is activated once the clan member is put in true danger and is left with no other means of survival. Upon activation a tornado of slicing winds will erupt around the user, decimating anything and everything in it's path. The third level grants the user complete mastered control over the flow of air, beyond any comprehension. Once it activates for the first time, it remains, meaning that once the Kasaigan is activated it will automatically enter the third level.

Heruzumi Kasaigan: The final and forbidden stage of the Kasaigan. Once activated the sclera of the eyes blaze red with chakra. A second slit pupil will cross horizontally over the original, creating a sharp cross-like shape. The Heruzumi Kasaigan (Hellbound Green Eyes of Gale) is obtained only when the user feels they no longer hold any more obstacles in their life. When they feel they are truly at their top performance. The Heruzumi Kasaigan grants the user the ability to control the wind element to the point where he or she can nullify any wind technique used against them and send it back at their opponent with one-hundred times the force. It also allows the user to create a vacuum within a certain area (up to ten square feet), starving that area of air completely.
When the Kasaigan is activated, the outer edge of the iris will begin to leak a light green color into itself. This green color will push against the pupil as it floods the iris, pushing the pupil until it is a slim line, like a feline. In addition to this, once the Kasaigan is activated, the user will usually take on a laid back appearance.
Current Bloodline Stage: Exceeded: Heruzumi Kasaigan
Summoning Animal Type:
Chakra Type:Regular Chakra, and Sora Chakra

- Sora [Sky] Chakra:
Due to his exponential training in Saidogakure, Kaiosou can form and properly utilize one-handed hand seals for all his jutsu. Kaiosou is left with a true souvenir of Saidogakure; Sky chakra. This chakra is used to preform all of his original techniques. Unlike regular chakra, Sky chakra cannot be dismantled in any way. For example, weapons or techniques that destroy chakra will not work on Sky chakra. Using this chakra outside Saidogakure (or Saidogakure's ruins) will cause Kaiosou slight mental stress, depending on the size of the attack in which it is used.

Chakra Color: Wispy Green
Chakra Element: Fuuton [Wind], Suiton [Water], Raiton [Lightning], Sora [Sky]
Weapons: Sta'Medle, Kunai, Shuriken, Senbon, Wire, Explosive Tags and Bombs, Smoke Bombs, Etc.
Weapon of choice:

- Sta'Medle: -B-Ranked-
Sta`Medle is a sword that is handed down through the Kineta clan's most talented shinobi. Once a (rumored) stronger Kineta arises, Sta`Medle's wielder must face them in one-on-one combat. Should the wielder be defeated they must immediately surrender Sta`Medle to the victor. It is said that if the loser refuses to forfeit Sta`Medle, the sword will simply disappear from the loser's hand and appear in the victor's. If the loser attempts to reclaim possession of Sta`Medle in a foul way, the sword will drain the user of their chakra and physical energy at a very rapid pace.

Sta`Medle can appear in its owners hand with a snap of their fingers, through an inbound summoning seal, applied to the inner layer of the blade's metal, which reacts to it's chosen wielder's chakra. It is made of an alloy that is found only in Saidogakure, which is imbued with a special chakra that allows it to be summoned back in perfect condition even when completely destroyed. The sword can also amplify the user's chakra control, as well as help the user to keep Juinjutsu under control. If the blade comes in contact with the opponent and breaks the skin, it will force the tenketsu of the damaged area open. This will cause chakra to flow out steadily, like a reverse Juuken (which stops chakra from leaving the body).

Special Abilities:

- Demon Mutation:
This is part of Kaiosou's body that had been mutated due to traveling Time and Space without protection. its abilities are currently unknown. It is located on his hands; more specifically, his knuckles. It appears to take the form of his knuckles as bare bone. Although it may look like Kaiosou's actual knuckles are protruding from his skin, the mutation is actually on top of his flesh. These knuckles are stronger than any known element/metal and can easy break through nearly any defense, especially with Kaiosou's god-like physical strength backing them up.

- VI Seal:
A seal placed under Kaiosou's eye from when he was in the 12 Hours. Once activated it triples his chakra supply. Also, because he is a wearer of the seal, he never ages. This seal also allows him to return to how he was the night before by returning to the clock tower at midnight. However, now that tower has vanished from sight, this can be done with a chant.

"Make it stop, let this end, all these years pushed to the ledge. its who I am, so Please hear my call."

Technique List:

Kekke Genkai:


- Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique) -E-Ranked-
Kawarimi no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique. When in danger the ninja will quickly substitute themself with another nearby object. This can be a block of wood or even another person. This allows the ninja to quickly flee and hide while the original object takes the brunt of their opponents attack.

- Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique) -E-Ranked-
Bunshin no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique which every ninja learns at the Ninja Academy. The Bunshin technique creates a copy of the ninja without substance. The copy resembles the ninja in every way. This clone can function as a distraction or as means to confuse one's opponent. As soon the Bunshin gets attacked or comes into contact with an opponent, it will disperse.

- Kai (Dispell) -D-Ranked-
Kai is a Ninjutsu technique which allows the ninja to avoid the effects of a Genjutsu illusion. After forming the needed handseals, the Genjutsu technique will not affect the ninja. The ninja can also use the technique on another individual who was unable to avoid the attack. After forming the needed hand seals, the ninja touches the one affected to end the affect of the spell.

- Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) -D-Ranked-
Shunshin no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique. The ninja will appear and disappear in an instant, allowing them to retreat or attack suddenly. To facilitate the movement the ninja will often use nearby elements such as mist, sand or leaves to mask their appearance or disappearance.

- Gentoushin no Jutsu (Lit Apparition Technique) -C-Ranked-
Gentoushin no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique created by Pain and used by Akatsuki to gather at one location, even while members are in different parts of the world. By forming the needed handseal, an astral form of their being will appear at the desired location. This spirit can act in conjunction with other members to do combination jutsu like the Genryuu Kyuu Fuujin. While in the spirit form, the member’s voice will sound deep and distorted.

- Muon Satsujin Jutsu (Silent Homicide Technique) -B-Ranked-
Muon Satsujin Jutsu, the ability to commit a silent homicide, is a technique to dispatch your foe with no warning. Your quick speed and skills will instantly kill them before they can provide a defense. Momochi Zabuza was known as an expert in this technique during his times with the Hidden Mist ANBU.

- Fuuton: Reppushou (Wind Release: Gale Wind Palm) -C-Ranked-
Fuuton • Reppushou is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. After forming the needed hand seals, Nagato will send a strong gust of wind towards his target. When acting in conjunction with another thrown weapon, the wind can increase its power and deadliness.

- Fuuton: Kaze Bushin no Jutsu (Wind Release: Wind Clone Technique) -B-Ranked-
Kaze Bunshin no Jutsu uses the same properties as the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, with one difference. Kaiosou will imbue the clone with his Fuuton chakra. Once the clone is destroyed it will explode with an unbelievably powerful burst of wind, capable of tearing trees right from their foundation and hurling even the heaviest of foes well beyond a kilometer into the air.

- Fuuton: Akumu Arashi (Wind Style: Nightmare Tempest)-S-Ranked
Trillions upon trillions of submicroscopic blades wind are shot forwards in a straight line from the palms of the hands in an extremely speedy and deadly attack. The enemy will only see this as a burst of wind, but it will shred apart whatever it touches to the very atoms. If it hits a vital point chances of survival are zero.

- Soraton: Kumo Touzoku (Sky release: Cloud Thief)-D-Ranked
Using this technique the user can literally take the clouds from the sky and place them on the battle field. This technique is a kin to the Hidden Mist technique, except the user can hide things in the dense clouds.

- Soraton: Heki Sora (Sky Release: False Sky) -C-Ranked-
This is a technique taken directly from the forbidden scroll of the sky village. Even though it is an easy technique to use its applications are endless. Once this technique is activated, the user controls the sky itself, and can very easily hide his techniques.

- Soraton: Kumoton (Sky release: Cloud Release) -B-Ranked-
This is one of the Sky Villages hidden techniques. as it lets the user control the clouds they have stolen. While clouds are normally fluffy, they can be controlled and manipulated to be sharper than the normal sword. Furthermore, because the user can hide thing sin them, he can also reinforce them with elements. Depending on the element they are enforced with they can be made to do different things.

- Soraton: Kougoshi (Sky Release: Alternate Pressure) - S-Ranked-
Using his Kasaigan and advanced Fuuton capabilities, Kaiosou will create an invisible, impenetrable wall of condensed pressure around the opponent's hands. Every time they try to move their hands the bones will begin to break. Even the Kaguya clan cannot stop this process as, as quickly as they repair the bones, they break again. This technique is usually used to stop the opponent's from forming hand seals or to stop them from using their fists in Taijutsu.

- Soraton: Surinedan (Sky Release: Grazing Sound Bomb) -SS-Ranked-
Surinedan was a technique Kaiosou created during his time training under Orochimaru. Brethren to the Rasengan and Chidori, the Surinedan is believed to be one of Kaiosou's most powerful techniques. Focusing a massive amount of compressed wind into his palm, Kaiosou will form a green sphere, about the size of a baseball. This sphere will begin to whistle incredibly loudly, permanently deafening anyone within ten meters of it who has not trained to withstand it's effects. The cutting properties of Kaze no Yaiba are passed through the center of the sphere and are also compacted greatly, strengthening them immensely. When the technique is ready, Kaiosou will hurl Surinedan like a grenade at the opponent. Due to his ability to fully manipulate air currents, he can easily control it's course by directing it with his finger. When the Surinedan impacts the opponent it will explode violently, releasing a blast of subharmonic frequencies, tied into a subzero blast of wind that is capable of leveling mountains. If blocked, the increased cutting properties of Kaze no Yaiba will breech the core of the sphere and decimate anything in it's path.

- Soraton: Seikitai (Sky Release: Astral Body) -SS-Ranked-
Seikitai is a move that Kaiosou rarely uses. After forming a string of hand seals, he will disappear in a flash of red light. This is actually an incredibly high-speed movement, brought on from his years of training. He will actually remain perfectly hidden within his own wind patterns. Any trail ever made by the Kasaigan's wind patterns can be instantly traveled between. This is Kaiosou's one and only space/time technique. Kaiosou cannot transport others through the rift, as the constant changes in wind and air pressure would tear their bodies to pieces.

- Raiton: Touza (Lightning Realese: Current) -C-Ranked-
Using their raiton elemental chakra the user will charge anything they wish with pure electricity weither it be water, a blade or an opponent. This electricity will fry the nerves of the opponent either messing up their movement and reaction time or causing serious damage.



- Hien (Flying Swallow) -C-Ranked-
Hien is a Taijutsu technique used by the Leaf ninja Asuma. Feeding his chakra into his knuckle knives, Asuma will extend the length of his blades. An extra extension of invisible chakra will create a sharp edge that functions like the normal blade itself. Seeing his knives his opponent may misjudge how far they need to move to avoid an incoming strike. Even if they manage to avoid the metal portion of the blade, the chakra portion may cut into them as well.


Headband: Saido is worn over his heart. Oto is worn over his right shoulder. Konoha is worn over his left shoulder. All beneath his jacket.
Height: 6'3
Weight: 175 Lbs
Hair: Shoulder Length, White//Silver
Eyes: Amber
Clothing: Kaiosou wears a short black jacket over a gray shirt, as well as black pants and sparring shoes. He wears a pendant around his neck that illustrates the Kineta clan crest. When out and about he wears a hooded white cloak to mask his appearance.
Physical Description: Tall and very toned, with slight muscular bulges, hiding his true physical strength.

Personal Shinobi Information

Personality: Calm and quiet, but loses himself in combat.
Personal Skill: Adaptability
Alignment: Neutral Good
Nindo: "Upon my rebirth this world will know true peace."
Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Least Favorite Food:
Background History:

- Childhood:
Kaiosou was born in Saidogakure (Village Hidden in the Sky), son to Orion and Anna Kineta, two of the finest shinobi to ever grace the Kineta clan. He had two brothers, his older brother; Xin, and his younger brother; Zero. From the time they could walk, Orion had been training his three sons to become shinobi. Kaiosou received intense and life-threatening training from the moment he turned three. Because of this he never had time for love or kindness, making him very cold and distant. When the day came that his brother became a Genin, Kaiosou was thrown into the Saidogakure Ninja Academy. He was only seven years old at the time.

- Academy Arc:
At the Academy Kaiosou was just as cold as always. He didn't attempt to make friends. He didn't even attempt to make any friends or even study the Academy jutsu. He took one look at the descriptions on the blackboard at the end of the year and stood from his seat. He walked down to the teacher's desk and formed a string of hand seals. With an arrogant smile to his classmates he preformed Henge no Jutsu, turning himself into a perfect replica of his father Orion. He then proceeded to show off the rest of the Academy Jutsu, throwing his Chunin instructor and his classmates into disarray. When he finished he began to walk back to his seat, but felt a hand grasp his shoulder from behind.

"I will speak with the Saikage about you." said his instructor, "You are a special case." to which Kaiosou replied, "You have no idea just how special I am!" giving him a cold green stare out of his once amber eyes. Just an Academy Student, Kaiosou had already unlocked his clan's most feared heirloom; the Kasaigan.

At that moment, the Saikage walked through the door. He knew of the Kasaigan's power and so he quickly flickered between the Chunin and Kaiosou, grabbing Kaiosou by the head and lifting him off the ground. He held him up to eye level and inspected his eyes carefully. He gave him a kind smile and spoke with a thunderous voice. "Did you know that most of your clan members die when they awaken their Kasaigan?" he asked. Kaiosou nodded, then replied, "But I appear to have survived, don't I?". The Saikage gave him a grin, then looked to his Chunin. "We'll set this boy up with a Jonin, Itadashi." he said, then lead Kaiosou home. Within a month Kaiosou received a message asking him to report to the village square for his first day of training.

- Genin Arc:
Kaiosou got the biggest surprise of his life when he arrived for training. When he caught the first glimpse of his Jonin he couldn't believe who it was. His eyes rested on a tall and slim man, who was well toned. The man had messy brown hair and a soft, compassionate face. His violet eyes scanned Kaiosou up and down. The man gave Kaiosou a smile and rose one hand in a wave. "Hello, little brother! Quite the coincidence this is, eh?" he mused merrily. Kaiosou's Jonin was none other than Xin, his older brother, and probably the only person besides his father that could help him use the Kasaigan. "H-hai!" Kaiosou responded. As usual, Xin gave him a warm smile, then spoke very professionally. "Alright, Kineta Kaiosou! Get ready! You're in for one hell of a training regimen!" he exclaimed. And so he was.

For just a little over a year Kaiosou trained brutally with his brother, never stopping to take a break. Even when classes were over he was constantly bugging Xin to teach him more about the Kasaigan. Usually Xin would give in and teach him more, even if it was just a little. Kaiosou quickly rose above all the other Genin in his class, even the ones in his own squad. Even when Xin would have them spar with each other, it was always two against Kaiosou, and even then Kaiosou would win nearly 99% of the time. The training was arduous and there were times when the whole squad felt like giving up, but none of them ever did, and eventually the three of them became good friends. This was stranger still for Kaiosou, as he had never been taught about friendship or even love, and now it just happened naturally to him. Nevertheless, the training ran on and on, with no apparent slack.

Within those eleven and a half months the team had grown so powerful that they could easily take on Xin and give him a very close match. That fact alone is what made Xin decide to enter them in the Chunin exams. The exams weren't for another two weeks when he made the announcement to his team, and so they decided to use every hour of those two weeks for the toughest training they'd come across in their lives. Painstaking, life-threatening, terrifying training, that only a mastermind like Xin could come up with. It worked like a charm, and when the exams came, they were ready.

They passed the written exam and the first physical trial with the greatest of ease, neither of them taking so much as a scratch. All the Kage's that had gathered to watch had complimented them. The whole time Xin just watched with no emotion whatsoever, as though he had something else entirely on his mind.

Although the team had done so well in the first two rounds, they failed to hold up in the final round. The one-on-one fights took a lot out of them, and no matter how hard each of them tried, they just couldn't hold up. Kaiosou could only watch from the sidelines as his two friends were pummeled by the opposing shinobi. So, when his turn came to fight, he went all out. Without even stopping to think, he activated his Kasaigan as soon as he entered the ring. Without moving from one spot, he launched his opponent into the air and blasted him with a barrage of thick wind bursts. Needless to say he won his match. With that done it was time to vote and see which shinobi would go on to become Chunin.

The rules for the Chunin exams were different that year thankfully, and since Kaiosou's team had managed to win the majority of their fights, they were granted the victory. Each of them was immediately promoted to Chunin and sworn in by the ruling Saikage. Although both of his teammates were given a squad, Kaiosou didn't receive such placement. Instead, he was assigned as a village guard. If anything were to happen to the village's security, he was to fend off the problem himself.

- Chunin Arc:
Within his first week as a village guard, Kaiosou had a fight on his hands. A young man, around fifteen years old, had entered the village unannounced, wearing a brown garb and a blue-hilt pike on his back. When Kaiosou asked him to identify himself the man simply smiled arrogantly and continued to walk through the gates. Kaiosou gave quick chase and engaged in combat with him. After an arduous fight, Kaiosou barely managed to come out victorious. The intruder identified himself as Tain Soulzan, youngest son of the leader of the Hidden Snow Village, and explained that his village had been attacked by a large band of rogue shinobi. He told Kaiosou that there were very few survivors and that they had all gone on their separate ways. It just so happened that he ended up here. Kaiosou brought the man to see the ruling Saikage. After checking everything out, the Saikage agreed that Tain could take refuge in Saidogakure until he saw fit to leave.

Nearly two years later, on the day that Kaiosou was promoted to Jonin, Tain caught wind that a group of people, dressed in Snow Village attire, were seen heading north past Sunagakure. The two had become good friends over the time Tain had spent there, and even Kaiosou could admit that it was hard to watch him leave. They made a pact to meet each other again someday and then parted ways.

- Jonin Arc:
"No matter what happens in this world, the only thing that is certain is that all things will one day die. When in combat, winning or losing is not what matters. The only thing that should ever matter to you as shinobi is living or dying ... survival!" || Those were the first words Kaiosou ever spoke to his three Genin. Together with his three young ones (who actually weren't that much younger than him), Kaiosou completed many missions under the Saikage. Of his three students, he favored one above the rest. Fuutine Kenshin, a skilled user of the Fuuton element, showed incredible talent in the field of Ninjutsu-turned-Taijutsu, a fighting style that Kaiosou himself was not able to counter perfectly yet, due to it's tricky nature. The two of them took secret training schedules after class. For Kenshin this was a new way to fight, but for Kaiosou it was simply trying to find a way to combat this strange fighting style.

After nearly a year of training the three Genin, Kaiosou had decided it was time to take them on a tougher mission. He signed them up for an A-ranked mission, assuring the Saikage that they would be fine. The Saikage, fully aware of how well Kaiosou had trained his team, accepted. Without any hesitation, Kaiosou returned to his three Genin at their meeting place and explained the situation. They would infiltrate Saidogakure's slums, hunting down the criminal mastermind known as Dokoro the fallen. The three young Genin all nodded their heads in unison, a confident look on their faces. They all returned home. They would head out the next day.

The three Genin were very eager to start their mission, all of them showing up early at their team's usual meeting spot. Irou and Shina were shaking with excitement when Kaiosou arrived, while Kenshin simply leaned against a tree with his arms crossed, trying to hide his enthusiasm. Kaiosou, not wanting to waste any time, gave them a simple wave and continued walking, knowing they would follow behind him. As they lined up behind him, he handed them each a sheet of paper with their role for the mission written on it. Irou, a skilled Genjutsu user, was to be the distraction. Shina, a projectile and trap expert was assigned to use the time gained by Irou's distractions to load the battlefield with traps. Kenshin was assigned to be the teams damage dealer. Once the traps were placed and the illusions faded, it would be his time to shine.

After quite the walk through the slums, the team arrived at the old warehouse which had been confirmed as Dokoro's base of operations. Kaiosou opened the door to the musty old building slowly, expecting traps and henchmen by then hundreds. Instead what lay before them was a single large man, huddled in the fetal position in the corner. Kaiosou, still not wanting to take any chances, signaled for the Genin to stay back while he approached the man. As he got within a few feet of the man, he spoke. "Kensinaga Dokoro, also known as Dokoro the Fallen. I've been ordered by the Saikage to silence you for your crimes against Saidogakure." he said, his voice strong.

The man lifted his head slowly into the light as he spoke, "Kineta ... Kaiosou. You have no idea how far out of your league you are boy. How far has Saidogakure fallen? Appointing children to train other children and calling them Jonin? Pathetic ..." said the wispy voice as the man began to stand. It was only then that his true size would be made apparent, as well as the reason behind it. Towering over Kaiosou, held together by an assortment of nuts and bolts, was a steel shell in the shape of a human. The true Kensinaga Dokoro was inside, controlling it with his chakra. "We shall see ... where Saidogakure's strength lies ... Kineta ... Kaiosou" he said, taking deep breaths between every so many words. At that moment, the shell of Dokoro withdrew two katana in each hand, holding them side by side. He towered over the team, like the moon over the plains at night.

With a swift movement of his hand, Kaiosou signaled for the Genin to begin their assault. Irou leaped to Kaiosou's left, while Kenshin walked in a slouch to Kaiosou's right. Shina was already out of sight, working her magic on every nook and cranny she could find in the warehouse. Irou began forming hand seals right away. As soon as he did, Kaiosou pulled his katana from it's sheath and entered his stance. When Irou's hand seals finished and his chakra was released, setting off the Genjutsu, Dokoro froze.

However, before any of them could react, Shina's screams rang through the warehouse. Blood dripped down to the floor from the rafters above, as did one of her traps. What followed was something that would stick in Kaiosou's mind forever. A shallow, restricted breathing, which was more like a gagging sound than breathing, as Shina fell to the floor, limp and broken. Kaiosou disappeared as emerged at her side, immediately using his healing technique on her. At that point, ten shinobi dropped from the rafters, each of them holding a disabled trap of Shina's in their hands. Before Kaiosou could even react, a shrill scream erupted from Kenshin. A burst of pure air was all that was left in his place, as his image blurred through the shinobi that had just arrived. When his solid form appeared again, all but one of the ten shinobi fell to the ground, bleeding profusely. The one that was left over was covered in Shina's blood; he was the one who attacked her; the one who almost killed her. Kenshin was showing a side of him that no one had seen before; hatred; hatred for the man who had assaulted his only friend. "Repent .. you son of a b***h!" he yelled, as his open palm thrust through the shinobi's chest, and out through his back.

The next to scream was Irou, but his was cut short why the hollow metal 'clang' that was created when the shell's metal arm collided with his body. The next sound came from when Kenshin caught him. This time, Kaiosou stepped up. "You made a grave mistake, Dokoro. These three were my responsibility you see, and I don't think the Saikage would appreciate it too much if two of them came back dead." he said, sheathing his katana. His eyes turned to the Kasaigan and immediately the sound of bending metal could be heard, as the shell was crushed, then torn to shreds by pure air pressure. What fell from the shell was an old man,wrapped in strings of chakra, which had once been used to pilot his suit. Kaiosou, taking no chances at a live capture, deactivated his Kasaigan and withdrew his katana. Holding it over Dokoro's neck, he paused as the old man began to speak; allowing him his final words.

"Violence .... breeds violence, young Kineta. A mere boy ... couldn't understand that ..." he wheezed, "But today ... you will not return a hero ... no. For you will not return ... at all. You four kids ... will all die ... here!!" he yelled as he finished his sentence. And with that, it happened. The center of the warehouse's floor lit up in a great amber glow. An explosion followed that would rattle the entire slums and engulf it all in thick smoke. When the smoke cleared, all that remained of the warehouse was molten steel. The whistling of the wind died down, as Kaiosou's wind barrier fell from around him and the three Genin. Taking Shina over one shoulder and Irou over the other, Kaiosou began walking back to the village, Kenshin following behind him.

Within a few months Irou and Shina had fully recovered. Kenshin had been promoted to Chunin at Kaiosou's request and the other two had been entered in the upcoming Chunin Exams. Just when Kaiosou was getting into the Jonin lifestyle, Xin showed himself. Appearing from the shadows behind Kaiosou, he placed one hand on his little brother's shoulder. "Congratulations brother .. you've been promoted." he said with a smile. And so ended Kaiosou's Jonin experience.

- ANBU Arc:

- Saikage Arc:

- Genin (Rebirth) Arc:

- Akatsuki (Rebirth) Arc:

- Otogakure/Jonin (Rebirth) Arc:

- Kotakage Arc:

- Rogue Arc:

- Juuni Jikan Arc:

- Current (Rebirth) Arc:

Family: All Presumed Dead

Theme song:

~Shinobi Stats

Jutsu Knowledge: B
Intelligence: S (He is very old and has acquired knowledge from all countries)
Chakra Control: A
Stamina: B
Power: SS
Speed: SS
Reflexes: S
Chakra Level: A