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Theo's Thoughts
A collection of both exhortation and dehortation, accusation and defense, praise and censure from Theopneustos.
I Have Changed, Thanks to M&R
I was ignorant, uneducated, and looking back on how I acted, even I would laugh at and despise myself. I once was a Creationist, and I was rather vocal about it. You can ask any of the original regulars at M&R, and they will tell you. I did not hide it. I defended it, and the people at M&R were more than willing to put up with me. I even tried to disprove the theory of evolution.

One night, I argued that the theory of evolution is some way connected with eugenics, and that was probably one of the worst things I did. Even my friends who commended me with quoting scripture had pitied me. At that point, I felt pathetic. From there, I decided I would take another route. Instead of trying to disprove the Big Bang and evolution, I thought I'd simply defend the Bible.

At least I was knowledgeable about the Bible. I had read through the entire thing four times, and although I did not try to disprove the Big Bang and evolution, I did not accept the idea that "day one" in Genesis meant "one billion years" or so. Even today I don't carry that notion because it's silly to even use ancient Near Eastern literature to mix with modern day science.

Of course, things have changed. I accept the Big Bang, abiogenesis, evolution, and so on. If I had not attended M&R, and if the original regulars of M&R had not put up with me for so long, I don't know if I would even accept what modern science has supported with insurmountable evidence.

I got to the point that I didn't even bother with these threads, but instead watched and read the arguments and saw how people who defended what I once defended get crushed. They did not last. Nowadays, topics about Creationism and evolution do not run as rampant as they did in the early days. That's a relief. I think people have learned and accepted to move on.

One of the other issues at M&R was homosexuality. This, like Creationism, was rampant at one point in time. Christians said it was a sin. karashebi, an M&R regular who goes by the name Ananel, was the pioneer who defended that homosexuality was not a sin, and it was not a sin because there was nothing in scripture to even make the claim that it was a sin in the first place. This argument was known as "Ananel's Thesis."

When people at M&R read up on this, the original regulars praised Ananel's thesis and even used it to defend homosexuality when any thread about homosexuality was created. It got to the point, however, that this wasn't going to be enough. Although Ananel could defend his thesis, as he was very skilled in debate and had that dry wit, even he became bothered that people were using it. It wasn't enough.

So the M&R regulars decided they would expand on this and create more arguments that had to do with the relevant chapters and verses from the Bible, both Old and New Testament. Meanwhile, I was sitting back and watching this. I had learned from my mistake before, and I wasn't going to touch this topic with a ten foot pole.

I had read Ananel's thesis, and while he had an argument, I wasn't convinced. And although Ananel touched up on Romans 1:26, 27, I could not wrap my mind around the idea of these two verses were not referring to homosexuality. Those were the main verses to oppose homosexuality. I had to agree with the idea of the Old Testament no longer applying to us, so when I saw people use Leviticus, I thought it was silly.

I had no argument to counter Ananel, but others had tried, and they tried their hardest. I watched and read the arguments and counter-arguments. It eventually came a point that the arguments that opposed homosexuality and regarded it as sin were weak and without substance. I did not have a leg to stand on because outside of scripture, there was no reason for me to oppose homosexuality or regard it as a sin.

One of the other things about homosexual relationships was that one person, I forgot the name, asked what was wrong with two consenting homosexual adults having a relationship? The question was a good one because I did not have an answer for it. When you compare a heterosexual couple with a homosexual couple, both want to be with their partner because they love each other. Homosexuality wasn't about sex any more than a heterosexual relationship.

In the end, my opinion on this changed. It wasn't a quick change, but it was a change, nonetheless. One of the other things about M&R is that you should not accept what someone says if there is no proof. I can only think of one person when it came to this. That person is Sinner. I cannot ascribe the phrase, "Prove it," to anyone else but him. Eventually, many regulars were saying it. It was a common phrase.

And while I am talking about that, I also learned to never say something like, "God exists," but, "I believe God exists," because the former statement would require proof. I had seen many times before where people would say, "Prove that God does not exist." The resounding phrase would then be, 'The burden of proof is on you." Now, if you didn't know what a burden of proof was, you had a problem.

So many different topics have sprung and died down at M&R, and to be honest, I cannot think of anything to discuss anymore because a lot of things have been covered by M&R regulars. If it wasn't for them, I wonder where this place would be today. There are many things I have learned, and for that, I want to thank all of the original regulars of M&R. Without you, I wonder if I would still be a Creationist who opposed homosexuality.

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