I don't really know when I suddenly became super appealing to people or something. I normally don't go out during the daytime and waltz around heavily populated places, so going outside to job hunt has netted me some unexpected attention. Err... not upfront, I guess, just a lot of staring and someone even whistled at me yesterday? It doesn't seem like the bad type either, so. It's flattering I guess, but at the same time I don't really like being the focus of any sort of attention. I really prefer to be discreet and unnoticed. That might contradict the amount of effort I put into my appearance, but I like looking nice, dammit. I can't go out and appear as a slob. It's just not possible for me. I'd sooner die, probably.

I suppose I'm just surprised because of all the criticism I got from my peers when I was younger. Yet I cannot deny that I've aged rather well, even if I could stand to be in better shape or lose ten pounds.

Bluh. I gotta find a job soon to occupy my year. I was so goddamn lazy all summer, shame on me. I need to be building my work ethic and expanding my knowledge of the law. Yes!! A mountain of textbooks for me. This year will be all about personal teaching.