Yeah, i know its been over for a while, but i have not properly said my good byes to such an amazing T.V series. Truly one of the best things on television and its gone. Personally i think that with this gone, there will start to soon be things i have no intrest in watching. Smallville running in with 10 seasons was one of the best shows out there today. It got me into comics, and the whole superman genre itself. I know people might think that its a bad interpritaion and do not do any of the movies justice, but clearly they are wrong, in my opinion. Smallville was creative and amazing, telling a story that the comics never did, making it modern and simply breathtaking to watch. I would say the ending did end kinda fast, and it might have had its bad moments, but all of the could be cast aside of what a turn out it was, and all the amazing episodes it dished out. It reached out to me and got me into superheros, and made me have a love for sy-fi that i thought was not possible. Smallville has gave me so much, and i will miss it forever, just like harry potter. :'D So here, i say to Smallville, farwell, i will always charish the show and watch re-runs.... a lot!

and with that i bid you, farwel