A blinding flash of white light ignited the top floor of the fortress, spreading out from the center of the room, then cascading up the walls and over the ceiling. It stayed for a few seconds, then retreated back in the same way that it had appeared, forming a large orb of light in the center of the room, which slowly dispersed into small fragments of light. In it's place, it left a man, sitting on the floor, with his knees tight to his chest. His face was buried in his arms, which were wrapped around his legs.

"Hmhmhm!" he chuckled in a soft, yet deep voice, "There's no telling how much time has passed since I was sealed away. Let's see what kind of mess this place is in." he said, while behind his arms, a smirk crossed his pale face. With that, he stood, revealing his appearance to anyone who may be watching.

He was fairly tall; over six feet, with vibrant silver hair that fell to his shoulders and parted in the front to show his face. He had gentle, red eyes, the right one donning a tribal tattoo of the roman numeral VI beneath it. He wore a black jacket over a gray shirt and pants, complimented by his black boots. His facial expression was calm as he observed his surroundings.

The room he was in was exactly as it was when he left it all those years ago. Nothing was out of place. Floorboards remained cracked, cut, chipped, and charred from his rigorous solo training. The walls gave off that same white shine as they had always given off in the past. All the same, something felt different; he just couldn't quite place his finger on it. He looked out the window; it was noon. Having been asleep for so long, he had many places he had to visit. Many people to see.

"Hm ... let's go then." he said calmly. And with that a great burst of wind blasted the room and he was gone. Kaiosou Kineta, the human reincarnation of the god of wind, had returned to the world of the shinobi.