Name: Jezebel Harlett Gemini
Fraction: Chess no koma
rank: Second Strongest Knight and Second-In-Command
personality: Gemini has two very distinct personalities. One is rather out there and tends to take things way over the top and always coming up with these weird form of mischeif. The other is dark and more fitting for the second strongest knight of the Chess no Koma. This side is easily angered and loves to "play" with her targets like how a cat plays with a mouse. It's not uncommon for her to switch halfway through something often getting on other members.
History: Gemini was born in a small village in the southern part of the country of Gheilerul as Jezebel Harlett. She was avoided and made fun of by the other kids because her family wasn't exactly the best in the village. This caused her to develop her dark side. After she seriously injured, and killed one or two, of the kids she left the country abandoning her family and her name. The incident however had caught the attention of the Chess no Koma and they gave her in invite to join their ranks. By the time she had made rook rank her two personalities were so defined that almost all the other members were calling her Gemini because it often seemed as if she were two different persons in one body and it just stuck. in a matter of 5 months after moving up to rook class she was considered powerful enough to challenge on of the current knights to become a knight. She did and won. She then worked her way up to the second strongest knight and the rest is, as they say, water under the bridge.

Location of the earring: right eyebrow

mask: it's a half face mask with and intricate swirl pattern that starts on the upper end and finishes at the lower end.