... Why is it that some people have to hate unreasonably? That they can't even bother to find a real reason to justify their anger, to discover the source of it and try to turn it for the better. Instead, it seems easier to succumb to that hatred. There are people who do not like me, and while I will not pretend that there cannot be a reason in the world why they would not, I despise the pettiness. If I have not done something to invoke that hatred, then I do not expect it, and yet to have it happen regardless is a joke. I would much prefer that, instead of clinging to whatever silly notion a person must have, they approach me about the matter so we can sort it out like capable human beings. If they at least divulge their reason and I cannot refute it, then I will not lay down any blame.

If you
Come to me first
Then I most certainly will.

I do not care whether or not you think it's a necessity. I do not care if you think you have the freedom to hate me if you like. As much as it may be true, you should not have the right to slander me with your preconceived notions. Do this, and I will only wish the blackest death on you. It makes you no better then a common bully, even if we used to be friends.

So please, please... If we were friends, or I had the impression we were, but you suddenly have a problem with me, come discuss it with me. I do not want to find out that you came to conclusions about me on your own without even bothering to find out the verity of that conclusion, and I promise you that we can and will. I am an honest person, I always have been, and I will not lie to keep whatever sort of a reputation I am supposed to have intact.

Thank you.