-Sad, Depressing Music-
(Mostly LikelyScary Kids Scaring Kids)

There's no need to tell you that I have problems.
But when my problem's source is people then I have to tell you. (unfortunately)
Normally I don't tell people things because I just simply don't.

Abandonment Issue.
I honestly have this.
Even if you're telling that your going to leave, I won't accept it.
That's the problem with me, I don't want to accept that your leaving, that your going to out of my life forever because I know what happens when you leave and it's never pretty.

The thing about leaving, is that they never come back.
And even if they did, it's not the same anymore.
Nothing's ever the same.

When someone leaves out of my life, I don't forget it.
I'm pretty sure I'll never see them again, even though they were leaving by choice they would never come back.

By force or By choice, we'll never see them again and that's the what makes my abandonment issue so severe. (at least I believe it is)

When they leave, they leave for good and they come back when they're worse in life.

I really hate that.