Its strand to wake up and have this whole new look on something just from a simple dream. For the first time in a long time i had a dream about a girl who is not Marisa, who thank god is out of my life and brain for good. The dream was about a girl, but not just any girl, i mean, this girl was perfect. Not only was she beautiful, but there was this thing about her. It was a feeling when i was around her. Like i did not have to second guess myself. I did not have to think before i did something. It was the feeling of complete comfortability. The way i have only felt about some girls. The feeling that you know that its right, when you two have some sort of bound that pills you together. Where you don't have to be anyone but yourself around each other and you both know it. It was probably that first time, in a long time, that i felt as though i needed this person, and i rather not be left alone.
Usually i like to think i am better off. Relationships are just complicated and end up in tragedy. There is never really a reason to try to get in them, and what is there that i can get in a relation (that is not obbvious) that i can accomplish on my own. And thats just it. That feeling, that warm feeling. The one i have forgotten in a long time. Thats what i want. Hmmmm, I dont know, that dream just made me feel different, and maybe my head is trying to tell me something, maybe its not. I guess ill never know.
I am unsure if my words on this page actually can describe the way i feel right now, but i hope so because this is something i woke too that i would like to remember. Anyhooters! i guess that all for now.

Till next time journal!