The sudden realization there isn't anywhere to belong

Hopeless thoughts and dreams that couldn't be true

No longer a dreamer, yet not a doubter

Never again shall I dream such dreams

The feeling of being alone consumes my soul

Little hope of ever being whole

Opening my eyes to discover what I thought could never be true

Believing in this blind love only led me to feeling blue

No way it could ever be right

Yet all my dreams of him came by every night

I'd make my own future

Setting it up in such a perfect manner

Whatever I did he'd be a part

Yet everything now is falling out of my grasp

The dreams of him still come stronger each night

But perhaps it's better to push them out of sight

My blind love keeps growing

But I see no sign from you, it's not showing

I can feel this love but why must I be so blue

I don't want you out of my mind at night but you're slipping out of sight....