There she stood in the cold room

Bottling up her feelings she didn't say she knew

Forgettingpast feelings and letting in the ones that grew

Herfour-letter wordfor happiness

Holding onto that word never wanting it to go

Never believed it could be so

Blindlove,love at first sight

She though day and night

Could this be right?

Doubting herself she stayed in the cold room

A familiar sound said it was time to start

She slowly got up and began to dance as he entered with his own dance

This was it she though,my last chance

His smile reached her across the room

Her heart went racing yet she couldn't say a word

He stayed smiling into her brown eyes

The girl smiled and shyly looked down

The boy looked confused but kept the dance

I love him the girl though, don't lose this chance

The boy moved closer,grabbed her hand with such care

Turning her across the room,never letting go

The girl smiled as he bent down his knee so low

She hand him her hand slowly

The boy took it with a smile not letting it go

The girl knew it were so

The boy held her hand with love, real love

The boy laughed and got up not wanting to let go

This was real love the girl thought "I know so"