So I went into my kitchen so I could talk to my S-I-L while I eat. We are talking and I start to mention a Doctor Who fanfiction I was reading and she goes 'Hold that thought' and goes into the living room grabs something and comes back to the table. I figure she would let me finish after that. BUT NO she has to start talking about HER new American Sign Language class.

Ok that sounded like a brat let me stress something. I HARDLY ever try to talk to her about fanfiction I know she doesn't care, but as I don't have many people to talk to about ANY of my likes and dislikes I figured she could maybe just listen for me. She has been CONSTANTLY talking about ASL to the point where I am so sick of it if she mentions it I CRINGE. Most of the time I listen because that's what people do for each other. However tonight I finished my food and left she said "aren't you going to keep me company?" yes I was before you decided that what I have to say isn't as important as you are. however i simply said " I was just out here to eat"

it is always about her. I can't have a conversation with her that we both have input. If i say a comment before i am done she interrupts with how hers is better. (that's how it feels anyway) If i go to talk about something she don't like she sidetracks me and then if i say something it "you know i am ADD" stop hiding behind your excuses. *sigh*