You maybe thinking "Oh, its April First. He's gotta be pulling our legs. Veras would never leave Gaia." Well I'm here to tell you, That's wrong.

Yes, there's no rhyme or reason to my choice, but I've made it final. I've decided to take an long break from Gaia. Not a two week vacation, but a maybe-I'll-check-in-if-I-remember-to-sometime-next-year break.

I figured that gaia's had enough of the Dante Cosplaying, topic reporting, a**l-retentive gaian. The VGD has its share of topic reporters, and paladins, I don't think a single person is going to make a difference.

The reason why I chose now is for a few reasons. No one will really care if I do it now. Everyone will think I'm joking, and forget about it 10 minutes later. Those that do care will learn to live without me. Secondly, the E3 starts next month, and all of the hype is going to be insane. I dealt with it last year, and I don't think I need the stress of gaia with when I'm dealing with some high school problems.

Those of you that are in my guild and are wondering what's going to happen to the guild. Chill. Rolf, my right hand man, is taking control. He's the vice captain, and I trust him to do what's right.

I wish you all good luck, and hope this doesn't harm anyone emotionally, or otherwise. Good luck, and have a merry E3.

PS: I realize my sign picture is butt ugly. I drew it in the matter of maybe 10 minutes with no editing at 3 in the morning.