It started out easily enough. I went over to Deadpool's place to hang out and maybe go kill some zombies later. Suddenly Redd literally crashed into Deadys place in a little space ship, crushing his fridge! Before I knew it, I had agreed to Redds frantic please to help him get his gauntlets back. Deady was not happy, poor guy.

Once we got to the world where Redds gauntlets were, the ship was attacked and crashed. We became sepperated, but not before Redd told me to find Robin. I'm not sure why, since he hates the guy.

This world reminds me of a combination of Fusion Fall and Half Life. Mandy, a little girl, took the Grim Reapers scythe and gained the ability to never die. She gathered other scary girls to help her and now the world is mostly under her control.

It really sucks, but as long as the threat is contained to one world, it's not really my problem. At least, that's what I thought until I learned that magic is forbidden on this world. I don't know what happens to magic users, but it's really bad. Worse than being in prison or a slave.

Lacking any weapons, I've had to rely on allies and found weaponry. I've teamed up with Hoss Delgado, whose promised not to leave my side. He may be out of shape and older, but he's still really strong, brave, and a great fighter. With him, I freed Mac, an Urban Ranger, from one of Mandys mines. I wish I could have freed more people, but it was impossible with the other slaves exploding collers.

The Urban Rangers are a resistance group. I know if I help them, then I'll have more allies and gear to help find Redd. So for now, I'm staying in their Treehouse Base and have joined them.

I'm worried that Redd went to Jump City, where the Teen Titans once were. They've split up and Robin is now part of Young Justice, leave Jump City an unprotected death trap. But I don't think Redd knows that.

One interesting thing are these strange stones and machines scattered through out the world with Zodiac signs on them. Inside at least one of them is a powerful white warrior that decimated Mandys forces. I want to find them, but so does Mandy.