Yeah, how's it going? I haven't been on much. I know, I know... or do I? Do I? I dunno. Anyway, whoever is reading this enjoy... or leave... or skip around... or whatever. I am Minrithx. This is my journal. These are words.

People say I am quiet. That is true. When confronting a person, I usually am quiet and shy. Know why? I am in evaluation mode... That means, I have to get to know the person before I can actually talk to them. I can't just go talking about stuff that might seem bad to the individual. I usually wait for them. I know I probably won't make many friends that way, but that's okay I guess. I have moments when I am outgoing.

Well, this should go in the, about me section, but that's booooring.

People might look at me, and say... Wow, he's probably a rich, greedy individual, that has no nice personalities. But that's a guess. I wouldn't really know what people think of me... I dress the way I do just because I like the look... and I like cats... Yes...

I have some people that likes cats... umm, yeah.

What to do now... maybe get off for a bit. Yeah sounds good... why am I typing to myself?