I don't remember dreams often, but sometimes I do. I really love it when dreams have continuations. I had a dream a long time ago in which I was in a class. A lot of things happened which didn't amount to much, but at the end of the semester we learned that the professor was really a monster of some kind, and he teleported myself and another girl (two highest grades) to fight him with whatever weapons we had with us at the time. We won, and that was that.

Well, last night, I was in that professor's class AGAIN for whatever reason, as was the girl. Well, there were no hard feelings, but we stayed wary. The end of the semester came, and I was ready to do battle this time (last time I brought an energy pistol which sucked), I had a good weapon with me when the time for battle came. But, he didn't take me or the girl from last time, but the two students with the highest grades. That's when the girl and I realized that the professor wasn't an evil monster, just a professor who rewards his best students with a hands-on experience at the end of the semester. Then we partied. It was the end of the semester, after all.