Dropping the towel before stepping into the shower, she sighed. The shower door clicked shut behind her. The water cascaded down onto her face. She was alone. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the relaxing feeling of warmth on her skin.

As her hands began to clean her sore and bruised body, her mind wandered. A sudden thought of the past hit her and she gasped, sucking in the steam floating around her. How could she think of that now?

She bit her lip, soap curling it's way down her legs. Her fingers ran over her skin and she silently wished them to be someone else's. Goosebumps peppered her flesh just thinking of it. Her heart silently broke as she cried, unheard over the falling water.

No one could see her, trembling and vulnerable. She would not let them see her...Not again. She knew better. But still, she cried. She was alone in that box, crying.

The water had gone cold.