....I blame Will, I've been playing Final Fantasy X for three days straight and now as of today I really want to play Final Fantasy VIII >w<

Final Fantasy Is Seriously MY CHILDHOOD.
And I seriously miss it ):

As I'm multi-tasking with doing AP work and writing this blur of thoughts while listening to FF8 soundtrack, I can't have the nostalgic feelings crawl back to me.
Because I was LITERALLY crying and smiling as I was just listening to the soundtrack of FF8, I really do miss the past. I miss the innocence and I miss the "togetherness."

Honestly, when I was younger I was the happiest. Honestly. It was because my brothers were around and it was a time when I didn't care about anything. I guess, it's a gamer side of me that I miss, because there's no one here anymore and I'll forever stick with my RPG games/FINAL FANTASY SERIES.

As the nostalgic feelings are coming back up, (as I'm ignoring everything modern) I really wish I could be playing Final Fantasy 8 while my brothers were sitting around watching and playing on the xbox.

....Video Games were really how we all connected my siblings and I but now in this the present day, we're like strangers. We don't talk anymore. It's never a happy conversation, nor a sad one. It's just a reality.

and I really do miss that.

A lot has changed in a mere seven-eight years....The Final Fantasy Franchise will always be the best to me.

....I'm the kind of happy-sad right now, but I think it's mostly sad that things can never be the same again.....

-nostalgic fairy.