It's not my fault
That when I get too excited, hyper, or agitated
I pass out into the darkness
Sometimes bad things happen when
I come back into awareness

One time I got mad at my older brother
Black out for a hour
Returned to normal
And saw my clawed hands slightly bloody
Big Bro was sure sensitive about his actions around me from then on.

It's my sudden response
To Fight or Flight
Or rather to extreme
Emotional problems
My True Nature comes out

I am not truly docile
Despite the fact that I may act otherwise
My true nature of being a dragon
Shows more than the rest of my family does
Guess I'm just unlucky like that

Guarding Cassandra was my choice
And I chose it without knowing much about her
She is different from most people
She draws the oddest and most dangerous people to her side
Makes me wonder if she is doing it intentionally

Either way it make my job much harder
What with a insane Afterlife Guardian bound to her
A once legendary demon 'lord' asking for her help
A ninja wannabe she saves
Not to mention her cyborg best friend she had to leave behind

All I can say is drama, mischief, and chaos will happen

Best make popcorn ready.