A poem story for my laptop:

I guess it is my fault
Buying you from a secondhand computer shop
Where the profits go to drug rehabs
Or so they told me

You worked for quite some time
Writing was what I did mostly
Now I can barely turn you on
Is all my data Lost

Far beyond my reach
A years worth of character development
And odd games
Will I ever retrieve it?

I bought a new power cord
When the last one died
However You won't even start up
No more flashing lights

Is this out of spite?
Maybe I deserve it
After all the times I dropped you off my bed
Still no need to hold grudges.

Holy crap I'm talking to a computer
I must have lost it
Sitting her in front of a desktop
That is the madness growing inside me.

Just a week without my own personal laptop
And I've resorted to giving the thing a purpose and grudges
What's Next? Talking Outwardly to make believe characters?!
In the back of my mind Royce Davidson complains about being fake.

Yup... I've lost it.