Keitaro Tsukino's thoughts

It began as a simple job
Observe the young woman named Cassandra Holloway
That's what this team of specialized 'people' were chosen to do
Too bad this team was jinxed from the moment we arrived there

Death was among them
The council representative of the 'Afterlife Guardians' I meant
Or could it have been the grayish-white haired girl
We were sent to watch.

Our self-appointed leader
A packless were-wolf
Grew hungry as all of us watched the girl attempt to ballroom dance
A small amused smile grew behind my scarf at the antics.

At around midnight
Ziv Daiku led his granddaughter
To the place where our informant said a
Ritual room was at.

Eventually it all became to much
For the wolf as he broke through the windows
And headed to the buffet tables
Several of us sighed before following him in

I being the last and most reluctant
To leave the safety of the trees
For I knew that Death was dancing with us tonight
And none of them believed me

Screams from the guests
Were followed by crazed laughter
From within the lengthening shadows
Golden eyes glowed.

Crimson stained the pristine snow white fur of the werewolf
And soon enough the rest fell
Leaving me alone in the darkness
With a scythe wielding maniac.

Trained for predicaments like this
I calmed myself and fought back
Dodging the swing of his weapon
And retaliating with my duel daggers.

Unfortunately the man disarmed me
With a expert swish of the scythe
I knew I was to join my damned team
In whatever hellish afterlife 'He belonged to'

That's when my target arrived
Defending me with her body
She was cut by this stranger's edge
And seemed concerned for my well being

Why would she be?
I thought right before darkness consumed my vision
Hours later I stirred
Wounds tended and a heavy pressure on my chest

Looking down as best I could
I saw Cassandra's head resting there
"Oh? You are alive then?"
Came the voice of my attacker

With a short nod I quickly learned that
My Scarf is missing
They saw the markings! They must know!
That I was cursed and labeled as a abomination by many

Her eyes fluttered open
Orbs the color of the dark blue of the night sky and deep green of a healthy forest
"You're awake! That's great!" she said with a giant smile
Clearly she did not know about my other half.

'How amusing.' His darker half thought. 'Such innocence to touch one such as us.'
Leave her be, I thought back
"Are you alright?" Cassandra asked with her head slightly tilted.
"I am fine. Thank you for mending my wounds."

That's how the three of us first met
In the early morning hours of her 18th birthday
Death, the Binder, and the Duel Souled man
The last being me

All I knew at the moment
Was that I wanted to teach her what I knew
If only to survive in this new world
Where there will be those who will misuse her lurk in the shadows