Poem About Royce

Darkness surrounded me
Pressed down on my mind
As I open my eyes to the light that I soon learned was from you
That flowed through the cracks of the bars

You were there gawking at me appear
From the shadows of my former cell
Mismatched eyes of blue and green wide in confusion and shock
I can't say I blame you

Gasps filled the room as several members
Of the council that betrayed me were seen
I knew the smile I wore was born from my insanity
As was the laughter that escaped

The nearly blinding 'light' backed away
And unknowingly I reached out
To touch and hold, or torment and taint
I did not know

All I knew was that I was possibly saved
I also knew that I would do anything
To insure this feeling of 'redemption' continued
So when the screams from upstairs were heard I rushed to it

To prove my worth to my Fragile Savior

The cool shadows wrapped around me
As I encountered party crashers
Rage took over followed by my insanity
Without thinking I cut them down

The young woman blocked my scythe
From wounding the unconscious young man
The blade cut her enough to draw blood
She pushed her wounded hand to my chest in a attempt to send me away

I was cut deeply on that spot mere seconds before she arrived
We watched as our blood mingled
And a strange feeling of clarity and the feeling of a bond forming occurred
While she turned to care for the survivor

"You sure did a number on him." she said with a grimace
Oddly enough a feeling of shame swept over me
"My apologies. My name is Royce Davidson" I heard myself say.
"I only meant to help."

"Next time don't cause so much gore okay?" she replied with a weak smile.
I numbly nodded my head as the party came to a close
She brought the wounded man to her bedroom
And cleaned and dressed his wounds.

From tonight on she has two people in her debt.
I wonder what she will do with us?