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Welcome.If you don't like poems and songs just get out now.If you have the tendancy to barf at mushy stuff you may leave.If you are here for happy things look but dont touch.If yuare here to hear about my feelings step on in and take a look,comment too.
The Exchange Student-Chapter One(Harry Potter FanFic)
McGonagall ran through the list of first years until she reached the name of the name of the American exchange student that Dumbledore had excepted to start that year. She was to be a fourth year, and to complete her schooling at Hogwarts, but had decided to be sorted with the first years to, “watch the audience’s faces” as she had put it. So with much hesitation, and a heavy sigh, McGonagall called the girl’s name, who, in turn, burst through the doors of the Great Hall, Hogwarts robes flowing out to reveal her Muggle clothes underneath. These consisted of tattered blue jeans, and American flag t-shirt, and black Converse sneakers. She was tall, with curly blonde hair and bright sapphire eyes, hidden behind wire, rectangular, spectacles. As she moved forward, mutters of shock and disgust at her attire fluttered through the air, though she appeared to pay them no mind.

Upon reaching the stage and ascending the few steps onto it, the girl took a seat on the stool, chuckling lightly at the look of utter surprise on McGonagall’s face.
“Are we going to get on with it or not Professor?” The girl questioned, a look of pure amusement on her face.
“Of course Miss Burkman.” McGonagall managed as she placed the Sorting Hat on the girl’s head. For a moment there was complete silence, then the Sorting Hat began to mutter and scream things, as if looking into the mind of a tortured soul. After awhile however, the hat calmed down and began to whisper to the girl, giving McGonagall the chills. What were they talking about? Why had the hat acted so strangely? What if it creates a whole new house for her? What would it even be named? Who would head this new house? Dumbledore would make her do it. Snape would take over Gryffindor, and Hagrid would become the head of Slytherin House.
“Hufflepuff!” The hat shouted, snapping McGonagall out of her thoughts right quick.
“What? No new house? No exploding hats?” McGonagall gasped as she was handed the Sorting Hat.
“No, of course not Professor, that’s next year. Besides, I’m not that demented. I mean Hagrid as head of Slytherin, are you mental or something?” The girl explained as Snape gave out a very loud, and very girly, scream, much to the amusement of the entire room.
“But Hufflepuff?” McGonagall questioned, deciding it was safest to skip over the part that accompanied her own thoughts.
“Well yeah. I’m not brave enough for Gryffindor, smart enough for Ravenclaw, nor am I cruel enough for Slytherin, despite my cunning and ambition. The only choice left then is Hufflepuff, and I just so happen to fit the criteria. You see I’m loyal to a fault, dependable, hard-working-most of the time-, with a dash of inner bravery, like one Nymphado-” The girl stopped there, clearing her throat and squinting, as if hearing a threat no one else could. “I mean, Tonks, the Auror.” At this point all McGonagall could do was nod, accepting the girl’s answer. The girl then casually walked off the stage and over to the Hufflepuff table where she took a seat among the already frightened first years, a few of which moved away as soon as she sat down.
“What? I don’t bite, hard.” The girl said with a laugh, her sapphire eyes twinkling in the candlelight from beneath her spectacles.

One brave first year tapped her on the shoulder, a semi-scared look on his face, as if he had been dared to talk to the girl. A quick look over his shoulder would prove this true, for two first years, one a girl with long black hair and sparking emerald eyes, and the other a boy with short blonde hair and an elfish face, were laughing their heads off, and showing no effort in hiding it.
“Yes little one?” The girl questioned, her voice kind and almost sickly sweet.
“What’s your name?” The boy asked, his eyes bright, but his voice still a low whisper.
“Kalyn Burkman, but my best friend calls me Katt, you can too if you want. What‘s your name?” The answered, her voice just as kind, though with a lesser level of sweet than the first time.
“My name’s Scott Kavanagh, but my friends call me Scotty.” The boy explained, his voice a cheerful whisper, and his eyes, a deep brown, like pools of chocolate, sparkling like odd gems in the candlelight.
“Well Scotty, it’s nice to meet you.” Kalyn said before she turned away and began to eat, leaving little Scotty to just nod his head and stare.

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